Credit: Trapp Fotos/ Mayweather Promotions

By Gary Mushrow [@Gary9690]

The World Boxing Council (WBC) convened for their 53rd annual convention in Kunming, China this past weekend, finally issuing a ruling on their welterweight and super welterweight world titles held by Floyd Mayweather Jr.

After successfully defending his WBC 147lb title in September this year with a twelve round unanimous decision against Andre Berto at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Mayweather declared he was to retire from the sport with a final ledger reading 49-0.

Mayweather last defended his WBC super welterweight title in May 2014 in a rematch with Marcos Maidana at 147lbs, in which he also defended his welterweight title after special disposition from the WBC.

Both 147 and 154lb titles were ruled to become vacant, with Mayweather elevated to champion Emeritus in both divisions, similar to that favour handed to Vitali Klitschko in 2012.

What this typically means is that if Mayweather were to make a return to reach the prestigious 50 – not out, the WBC would become a sanctioning body in any such fight. The status could also pave the way for a fight with the sanctioning body’s new champion in either division without the need for a world ranking to be held by the former champion Mayweather.

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