Robles Wins TKO at LA FightClub

Albert Baker
Photos Lina Baker, Instagram @seeyouringside

In his second fight under promoter Golden Boy Manuel Robles Jr. 14-0 5KO’s had the Belasco theatre on its feet and cheering as he took on rugged veteran Jose Estrella 18-13-1 12KO’s in the eight-round main event at Golden Boy’s La Fight Club at the Belasco theatre in downtown Los Angeles.

Robles the clear sharper and heavier handed of the two wasted no time, dropping Estrella with a left hook at the end of the second round to send the crowd into a frenzy, chanting “Manny, Manny”. Robles wouldn’t let up using a god jab to control the distance and patience to setup his punches. In the seventh round a hard right hook from Robles sent Estrella down again, referee Eddie Hernandez didn’t like what he saw rom the Tijuana fighter and waived off the action at 1:39 of the seventh round.

“This was the first time as the main-event, but that didn’t faze me at all because I knew I was in my own backyard with my family watching and supporting me,” said Manny Robles, III. “In the earlier rounds, he was pretty resilient and I really wanted to finish him early, but by the middle of the fight I started fighting smarter, and worked the body.”
Dallas prospect Javier Martinez 3-0 3KO’s took care of business as expected, stopping Mexico’s Jose Martinez 10-11 6KO’s in the third round of their scheduled six round bout. Martinez was the more patient of the two and the difference in power was apparent early on. Landing at will on a game Jose Martinez Javier Martinez landed a sharp left hook to the body at 2:03 in the third to end the bout.

“I went in there really excited, and wanting to knock him out,” said Javier Martinez. “After the third round, I was able to relax, and listen to my coach. Doing that, I was able to get the knockout. I’m glad I made the move from Texas to train with my team here in California – I’ve noticed the difference in my style and have improved so much. I’m just ready to put in work!”
Cesar Diaz 6-0 4KO’s faced tough veteran and developmental opponent Antonio Rodriguez 11-19-1 5KO’s in a six-round bout. Diaz showed good patience early in his career and set his punches up to land just about everything he threw at the far more experienced Rodriguez. In the fifth round Diaz landed a double left uppercut that put Rodriguez down and out to pick up the KO victory.

“I feel like I’m laying down my foundation to a long career with this win,” said Cesar Diaz. “His reach was giving me a little bit of trouble, but I was able to close the distance effectively and work from the inside. We still have a lot to work on, but I’m super content with my team and this knockout victory.”

diaz_3Everton Lopes 5-0 2KO’s made a return to the ring after two shoulder surgeries. The Brazilian Olympic silver medalist hadn’t seen action since 2015 but only needed a round and a half to get rid of professional opponent Daniel Bastien 4-7 1KO. Lopes came out aggressive as expected and put Bastien down in the first round with a hard left uppercut to the body. Bastien had no answers to Lopes and was granted mercy by referee Eddie Hernandez at 1:56 of the second round.

Lopes picks up the stoppage win looking improved under trainer Manny Robles. “This is my first fight in two years since my surgery – man does it feel good to be back!” Said Everton Lopes. “It’s been a tough time, but I’m glad to be back and get this knockout for my team and for my son who means the world to me. I’m ready for what is to come.”

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