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Elliot Foster

Jelly Babies were the highlight of my Saturday night a couple of weeks ago.

“Why Jelly Babies when you had Anthony Crolla retaining his world title?” I hear you all ask.

Well, because at least the sweets provided some sort of enjoyment, albeit only slight, which is more than can be said for the fights preceding the seven-round Manchester Arena stoppage of dangerous Venezuelan Ismael Barroso that’s led to Crolla and those around him saying he’s number one in the lightweight division.

My Fozzy On Friday column, which incidentally is being published a day late this week, isn’t an attack on Anthony Crolla, nor an attack on Jelly Babies, both of which I get on with very well.

It is, however, an attack on the dross undercards being served up to the British boxing public by promoters of late.

Long gone are the days when prospects being in eight-round contests are acceptable because they’re being built and gaining a reputation.

“It’s been a while,” is the title of a tune by Staind. And it’s been a while since I’ve heard anybody apologise for the sort of rubbish we’re being fed.

Last week, a Channel 5-aired Cyclone Promotions card, which was in association with Sanigar Events, provided something of a tonic.

But tonight, it’s back to the same old story: David Haye and Shannon Briggs, each in vastly overmatched fights ahead of their September meeting, exclusively live on Dave, while the best fight on the card — an English title showdown between Joe Mullender and Lee Markham — doesn’t even get any TV time.


Anyway, I just hope it gets better. But I won’t hold my breath.

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