Recently’s Calvin Khan (@itscalvinkhan) had the pleasure to speak to British light heavyweight Miles Shinkwin, as he prepares for his clash with Travis Dickinson on October 30th for the English title.

Shinkwin has been out in Big Bear California training with UK superstar George Groves ahead of his WBC title fight against Badou Jack.

Hear is what he had to say, from Groves to gloves…

Big Bear is known for being a tough place to train in. How did the altitude change feel on your body? Do you feel any physical or mental improvements because of it?

The first couple weeks were really tough, the running at first took it right out of me. The sparring is in some ninety  degree heat. Mix in the altitude with that and it’s real hard work, but once I got used to controlling the breathing and pacing myself a little better I got on fine. It gets you in great shape all around.

Your next fight is for the English Light Heavyweight title vs Travis Dickinson. Travis is a tricky customer who suffered a shock defeat in his last fight. What attributes do you possess that Travis does not?

I’m under no illusions that Travis will be by far my toughest test to date. He got caught cold with a shot in the first round and that’s boxing. Generally first round knock outs are a bit of luck or a freak shot so I’m taking nothing from that. I believe I’m better in every department. There isn’t one thing he does better than me and on October 30th I plan on showing that.

You have been over in Big Bear California home of notable champions, training with George Groves. What did you gain from sparring a world title challenger, which you can add to your own game?


It’s not the first time we’ve sparred as we go way back to England juniors together and I’ve been in camp with WBO champion Andy Lee too. Although it’s the longest I’ve been away from home, it’s the kind of place where you can’t learn enough, I just took every bit of advice in and can now put that to practice now I’m home. I believe George should be world champion already and this time there will be no mistakes.

Paddy Fitzpatrick has come under a lot of scrutiny ever since taking over as Head Trainer of George Groves. You’ve spent a lot of time with Paddy when sparring George, what is your take on his training style for Groves? Is Sept 12th his coming out party as a top level trainer?

I don’t buy into the whole the fighter makes the trainer and vice versa. You have to have a bond, something beyond friendship, you have to be able to trust your trainer implicitly and same goes for the trainer. George and Paddy have that without a doubt. They work brilliantly together and can only see them getting stronger as a partnership.

With the rise of so many boxing brands, which gloves do you spar in and which ones are your favourite to use on fight night and why? Do you personally feel a difference between brands?

I use Ringside to train in, I’m very lucky to be looked after by Dave Hill, owner of Ringside and I wouldn’t train in anything else, personally I think they are the best gloves on the market. Come fight time it’s got to be Grants, worn them my last few fights and they are leagues above anything I’ve worn on fight night.

Got to ask did you get a chance to meet the monster that is taking the middleweight division by storm Mr GGG?


Yes I met GGG. He introduced himself as Gennady – like I didn’t know who he was! Nice guy. He is going to be known worldwide very soon.

Do you make 175lbs quite comfortably or are there plans to come down to 168lbs, due to the depth of the super middleweight division?

I do light heavy very well at the moment. Not easy but we stick to a plan in camp, so as of now there are no plans to come down.

Where do you aim to be in terms of your career within the next eight months? Is a future domestic fight with Nathan Cleverly something you’d like next year?

Right now my sole focus is to beat Travis Dickinson and to do it impressively. What follows is going to be a bonus. I believe I have the talent and determination to get to world honours but for now its baby steps and the English title is next. My next fight will be televised Live on Boxnation, I am seeking sponsorship opportunities. You can reach me @milesshinkwin on twitter.

Finally what’s your prediction for Badou Jack versus George Groves?

George Groves will win inside six rounds!