Albert Baker

It’s hard to believe that Lucas Matthysse 37-3 34KOs has never been THE world champion at 140 lbs. With an absolute destruction of Lamont Peterson at a catch-weight that put neither his WBC interim nor Peterson’s full IBF title at stake- Matthysse still, unbelievably—has never won a full major title.

In his major title challenge against Danny Garcia, Matthysse (the favorite to win) came up short against the WBA/WBC champion in what was an exciting fight that stole the show as the Co-Main event to Floyd Mayweather vs. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

The Machine is getting his opportunity to sit atop the 140 lb. division again as he’s set to take on Viktor “The Iceman” Postol 27-0 11KOs for the WBC title vacated by Danny Garcia after he was allowed to sidestep defending it twice against Postol- electing to face Peterson and the man that has become a social media and boxing head household name- Rod Salka.

I had the opportunity to interview Matthysse before his upcoming fight against the dangerous Postol, here’s the short of how it went down.

ALBERT BAKER: Lucas, you have been fighting at 140lbs since 2004 is it hard for you to make the weight and what type of training habits do you have that keep you comfortable at making 140?

LUCAS MATTHYSSE: “I feel comfortable and strong at this weight and it hasn’t been difficult to make weight for me. In terms of training, the conditioning that we do year round is what keeps me in shape.”

ALBERT BAKER: Victor Postol is relatively unknown but, he was avoided by Danny Garcia at 140 in favor of lower opposition. What do you know about Postol and how do you predict he will attack you in the ring?

LUCAS MATTHYSSE: “Viktor is rated number one by the WBC for a reason and a fighter like him can be a dangerous opponent for anyone. I know that I cannot take Postol lightly and have to make sure I am prepared for him on October 3rd.”

ALBERT BAKER: You are known for brutal punching power, in your most recent fight against Ruslan Provodnikov you didn’t get the knockout and won the potential fight of the year. Did him standing up to your power create any doubt? If a knockout doesn’t come do you have a plan b?

LUCAS MATTHYSSE: “Ruslan has a strong chin and he is a great fighter and I have a lot of respect for him. I have no doubt in my ability, sometimes the knockout comes and sometimes it doesn’t. As a fighter you have to learn to adjust to the situation. I knew that Ruslan was going to be a tough fighter and I was prepared to outbox him and if the knock came it came.”

ALBERT BAKER: In the event of a victory over Postol would you like to face the other champions at 140 like Terrance Crawford, Jose Benavidez Jr. or will you entertain the idea of a rematch with Ruslan Provodnikov?

LUCAS MATTHYSSE: “I am ready to face the next best fighter at 140 lbs. I plan to fight the best to prove I am the best and if that means facing Crawford, Benavidez Jr. or Provodnikov then so be it.”

ALBERT BAKER: Do you feel a move to 147 is inevitable? If so are there any fighters you have interest in facing?

LUCAS MATTHYSSE: “I feel that a move to 147 is something we are planning to do when the time is right. Right now our interest is to win the championship at 140 and defend the title a few times before we consider moving to 147.”

ALBERT BAKER: You have a rabid fan-base among Mexican Americans in Los Angeles. How does it make you feel- being from Argentina, that you have been embraced so well in the U.S.?

LUCAS MATTHYSSE: “I feel very fortunate to have the support of the Mexican Americans in Los Angeles. I am glad that they like my fighting style and I am looking forward to meeting them all on October 3rd. I promise them they will witness another exciting night.”

ALBERT BAKER: Lucas on behalf of we wish you good luck and good health in the ring. We’ll see you October 3rd!

LUCAS MATTHYSSE: “Thank you so much for the opportunity.”