lucas browne’s Calvin Khan (@itscalvinkhan) got around to speaking with the heavy handed Australian Heavyweight Boxer Lucas Browne (23-0 20 KOs).

We discussed his current status in the rankings having procured the WBA inter-continental title, his tips on building punch power, issues with Ricky Hatton and knocking Deontay Wilder’s head off!

Lucas you are known as one of the hardest hitting heavyweights on the current scene. What tips can you give to young boxers aiming to build power?

Thank you, a lot of my power is natural, I am heavy handed. Also due to many years spent playing baseball and inherent strength, I have been able to work with the talents and gifts given to me. People need to work and build upon the gifts they are given, that’s my advice to young prospects.

Lucas, you hold the WBA Inter-Continental title, do you believe the WBA will provide an opportunity against Regular champion Ruslan Chagaev any time soon?

Chagaev and Oquendo are scheduled to fight for a second time in October and I’ll be fighting the winner in early 2016.

Recently you stated that you’d like to take training more seriously, as a professional boxer What aspects have you not been taking seriously?

I’m moving back to Perth to be closer to my kids and sort my head out. I’m focussing on my fitness and strength, if I can throw thirty plus power punches per round for 12 rounds then no one will be able to take that.


Your relationship with Ricky Hatton comes across as strained, there’s been a few tweets over the last year which indicated your unhappiness with the progression of your career? Are you unhappy being under the Ricky Hatton banner?

It is what it is, which is a long distance relationship. I have a world title shot coming soon so what else can I say….

Do you see yourself moving to the UK or USA in order to further your career and increase exposure?

No not at all, Australia all the way, I am happy here. There is no requirement at the moment for me to leave my country.

Time to stir the pot……which three opponents would you like next?

Derek Chisora, Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, in that order. Then the champ himself, Wladmir Klitschko to finish it all off.

Name three things you eat that when camp is over?

Ah, that’s a tricky one, there are so many, but I’ll have to say…..McDonalds, Double Coated Tim-Tams and Doughnuts

Lucas I asked the fight fans to submit question’s for you to answer, here is a small selection:

If you could fight any boxer past or present who would it be and why?

I want to knock Deontay Wilder’s head off his shoulders and take the WBC belt!

Which gloves do you train in and which gloves do you fight in and why?

I’m proudly sponsored by RIVAL boxing gear and am more than happy with their products. Shout out to RIVAL for the love!

Finally, what does Big Daddy do, to relax before fight night?

Good old fashioned nothing, silence, no drama, no bulls***, just me with my thoughts.