Albert Baker

Diego De La Hoya 12-0 7KO’s fought to a well-earned unanimous decision over Jesus Ruiz 32-7-5 21KO’s in the main event of the first installment of Boxeo Estelar on Estrella TV; also streaming the fight card was Ring magazine via RingTVlive.com.

De La Hoya in only his twelfth fight and first foray into ten rounds fought well and proved that at twelve fights he is ready to be a solid prospect and potential contender in the very near future.

Promoter Golden Boy headed by owner Oscar De La Hoya and cousin of Diego have moved the young future star at an alarming pace and Diego has answered the call in every test. Coming out firing combinations De La Hoya simply out-landed and out-hustled the slower but game Ruiz as he set up traps and fired left hand counters over the top to confuse and slow Ruiz’s attack.

At the end of the fifth round De La Hoya started to swell under the right eye and after the sixth it was a mouse the size of a Ney York City rat.

Ruiz started to land with some success in the later rounds but his workrate wasn’t enough to keep up with the young Mexican that is starting to make his own name for himself as a can’t miss prospect.

Following the fight Diego said “Movement was a big part of our plan to outbox him, so we condition so I could move effectively throughout the fight. I felt calm and in control throughout the fight I though I hurt him with some of my uppercuts which is one of my favorite punches to throw.”

Ruiz spoke highly of De La Hoya “Diegos movement gave me problems, I was able to land my shots. I thought I was going to be able to outbox him but his speed, movement and distance stopped me.”

In what has been a fast pace grooming of Brazilian two-time Olympian Everton Lopes 4-0 1KO, Lopes eeked out a majority decision against tough undefeated Mexican Omar Tienda 13-0 8KO’s.

Lopes and his wonky style of leading with big left hands went down on what should have been ruled a slip in the second round, referee Zack Young proceeded the count as he was on the other side of the action. Again in the fifth round Lopes was dropped by a punch that didn’t have any mustard on it but, Lopes’s balance was off because he has such an awkward style (or you could call it poor footwork).

Already stepping up to eight round fights in just his fourth outing promoter Goldenboy may want to slow down the progression to allow the heralded amateur a chance to develop into a pro style.

After the fight Lopes acknowledged he had trouble “every fight is a learning experience and this one I learned what I didn’t do well. It was my first time being dropped but I stayed calm and used my movement effectively, and that was the difference in the fight.”

Christian “Chimpa” Gonzalez 11-0 10KO scored a sensational one punch knockout of journey man Luis Lizarraga 5-6-1 2KO’s. Gonzalez landed a sweeping left hook on the button that absolutely crumpled Lizarraga like an empty potato sack.
Gonzalez has power that can change a fight instantly with one punch and has potential to be an exciting prospect to watch in the lightweight division.

Ivan Delgado 7-0-1 2KO’s earned a work-man like unanimous decision victory over Thomas Herrera 4-14-1 1KO on scores of 60-54 on all three judges’ scorecards. The decision was never in doubt as Delgado landed everything but the kitchen sink however, if Delgado had a bit more punching power he could have knocked Herrera down and possibly out of the fight multiple times.

In a fight that appeared to be tougher than expected, Rafael Gramajo 5-1-1 2KO’s hung on to beat Adrian Rodriguez on scores of 58-56 on all three judges’ cards. Rodriguez came out running in the first leading the crowd to believe that would be the tone of the action when suddenly he came out for the third round aggressive and completely dictated the pace of the action.

It was a sloppy affair that ended up in a deserved win for Gramajo that he should learn from. After the fight Gramajo said “This was my first six round fight, I’d only done four round fights previously. I had a tough opponent who didn’t back down and went toe-to toe. I came to give the fans a show and I did.

Jonathan Navarro of East Los Angeles 2-0 1KO’s stayed unbeaten in the evening’s opener as he demolished Gibran Gutierrez 0-1 of nearby Santa Ana in a tough unanimous decision win as he scored two knockdowns early in the first round from left right combinations. Gutierrez would show signs of life and a beard made of hammers but was dropped again in the fourth with ten seconds left; Gutierrez beat the count but was done at the bell. All three judges scored the fight 40-36edit14_2