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Joshua Adewale is an upcoming British Amateur boxer who has already reached the England National Semi Finals, sparred many top professionals and is aiming to win the upcoming ABA’s and he’s only 21.

Why Boxing?

Someone will always let you down in team sports, whilst in boxing, the buck stops with the boxer. End of, I like that aspect of the game, responsibility is crucial.

How long have you been boxing?

Five years, so around 2012.

How difficult is it for young boxers to make boxing a full time sport?

Very difficult to be honest, it’s hard to get sponsorships that can help out with training expenses etc. Not enough is done at times to help support the young crop of fighters coming through. It is always good to have a website to make you look more professional mine is

Where do you see yourself in two years?

In two years I will be early on in my pro career with ABA medals and working my way up in the professional rankings winning British and Commonwealth titles.

You are in demand when it comes to sparring, what have you learnt sparring pro boxers like Ogogo, Mendy, Patterson etc?

Its been great to be able to get the opportunity to share the ring with such professionals. Ive learnt a lot sparring them, it really gives me a boost to trade leather and absorb knowledge from those guys. I also love watching them spar others and aim to use the good stuff to help improve my game. I am up for sparring anyone so get in touch.

Do you aim to work your way into the Team GB setup?

Yes, it would be great to my career being able to do it the proper way boxing for GB it would be an honour, I believe I will be soon if I keep doing what I’m doing.12351052_1641477969439356_1170161741_n

What advice do you have for other amateur boxers who are struggling to balance boxing & work?

Just try your best to stick it out, don’t be afraid to contact companies asking for sponsorships or any help to assist you. Get on social media and grab opportunities. I would like to plug my links too.

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Facebook: Joshua Adewale

Stay focused, remain on your path! I am looking for sparring/sponsors etc email me