“The Young Master” Amir Imam Impressive in Shootout KO Over Maldonado


Amir Imam has had some highlight knockouts early in his career, tonight another one can be added to his already growing highlight reel.

The first round saw the two fighters feeling each other out and mixing it up a little with Maldonado tryig to land over Imams jab. As things got going in the second, Imam landed a big right hand the sent Maldonado to the canvas in a sensational knockdown, Maldonado got up at the bell.

Things only got more exciting as Maldonado came out and dropped Imam with a counter left hand that saw Imam hit the deck hard. The two traded at an aggressive and entertaining pace in what is definitely an early candidate for round of the year. Maldonado feeling good about himself after the knockdown started to trade and got caught by an Imam right hand that sent him back to the mat in a reality check from Imam. Maldonado showed the heart of a warrior as he got back up to his feet from sensational looking knockdowns that saw his arms swing wide and body fall hard.

Moments later Maldonado went down again from, you guessed it another Imam right hand. Surprisingly Maldonado’s resilience allowed him to not only remain upright but fire back at Imam in the fourth round and provide some scintillating exchanges.

During the fifth round Imam started to control the action and dropped Maldonado with a vicious left hook, Maldonado beat the count but referee Robert Byrd had seen enough as he called a halt to the action at 2:59 in the fifth.