The last few months have been filled with the usual circus routine that surround the Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao negotiations. No, wait – that should be the last few years.
Irregardless of the associated timeframes with making this fight happen (it is still not finalised and has been touted since 2009) the one thing that has remained consistent is that every time there is a sniff of this fight materialising, the Mayweather fans and the Pacquiao fans come out in force to herald their favourite fighter as: the one who is trying to make the fight happen, how the opponent is ‘ducking’ their fighter and how much of a beat-down their fighter would hand-out if only the opponent would dare to step inside the ring with their God-like messiah of a fighter. Not only will they make out that their fighter is the second coming of Hercules but they will also trash the opponents: style, record, personality and generally just regard them as a down and out bum.
As you may guess from the tone of this article, I am not best pleased with these type of fans. There is nothing wrong with having a favourite, supporting that fighter and picking a winner based on sound rationale however, these type of fans don’t do that. This type of fan is a ‘casual’ boxing fan – now, don’t get me wrong we need the casual fans, they are the ones who bring in higher PPV buys etc. that enables the TV companies and promoters to put up the purses for these big fights to happen. However, it seems that the bigger the fight the bigger the idiots that pop up with arguments about how one fighter beat a common opponent in a better fashion than the other… Give me strength!
The most concerning thing about this is that the longer these negotiations have gone on, the wider the the arguments/debates have spread with more and more knowledgable boxing fans getting drawn in to this debacle.
Have you ever heard the saying ‘there is no reasoning with stupid’? Well that most definitely fits the bill in this instance and if you need evidence of this then just visit any generic boxing forum and you will immediately be able to tell the difference between a structured and educated boxing fan’s opinion and the opinion of somebody who watches boxing once a year and, other than the fighters they’re commenting on, only know two other fighters, usually: Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali.
I believe Mayweather beats Pacquiao, I believe he beats him extremely comfortably and I believe the prolonged negotiations over the years have had a dramatic impact on how this fight plays out. And, if this was an article written to support my theories of why this outcome would occur, I could more than justify my assumptions. But it’s not, this article has been written in order to allow me to vent about some of the absolute absurd views I’ve read online and via social media in recent months.
The volume of casual boxing fans who come out of the woodwork during the build up to a fight like this tend to outnumber the passionate boxing fans very heavily therefore, the build up and the promotion is geared towards them. Mix a few crossed words, a sob story spread across four episodes of All Access and a bit of pushing at a press conference and our hand is forced. We cave in to the pressures from these football fans who have decided to stay up late, have a bevy with their mates and watch a fight that they will never appreciate.
All of this leads to us having to make a choice – we have to choose a side rather than choosing a winner.
So, who’s side are you on?