It’s time to let Floyd go. It may even be time to let Pacman go,  although he will more than likely stick around until he is carried out of the ring on a stretcher. A testament to his fighting spirit indeed.

However because of the “payday”, we have heard a simple statement repeated over and over and over, from fighter after fighter after fighter. Some grossly undeserving and some possibly deserving; for a multitude of reasons respectively. It is a tired and worn narrative so frustrating to hear that I cringe at its absurdity: I want to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. which is actually code for “I want the biggest payday of my career”.

That is why it is time for Floyd and his zero to move on. Please do not for one second mistake me for a Floyd “hater”. I am one of the many fans who find great excitement in watching Floyd make opponent after opponent swing wildly at air. Swing hopelessly at where he used to be.  He is the equivalent of a highlight reel of ankle-breaking crossovers with his straight right hand resembling the jumpshot that hits nothing but net as the defender either haplessly looks on or is out of the play altogether.

Save the little bit of pressure (albeit unable to be sustained) applied during small pockets of his fights, not one fighter has avoided being “crossed over” repeatedly over the course of twelve frustrating rounds. This leads me to believe that no one really “thinks” they can beat Floyd, even at the advanced age of 38.

Well, GGG does. But he feels he can beat anyone (Where you at Andre Ward!?). And Amir Khan. Amir Khan thinks he is Prince, The Beatles, MJ, Zeppelin, AND Clapton. He probably already feels he has a Hall of Fame career. He has not. He has become a running joke due to his predilection of calling out more fighters than he actually knocks out (add Lara to that list). But alas he thinks he can beat Floyd. But don’t we all feel at this point it is all about the money with Khan?

This leaves us with the talent-rich pool of hungry young fighters that just don’t seem to be fighting each other. Those in control (Haymon and Arum) ramble on and on about wanting to make the best fights, but they consistently make the most mismatched and mediocre fights save a few gems on PBC.

What if the NFC only played the NFC???

What if the NBA was to suddenly split in two like the ABA days???

This is what the cold war has done to boxing.

It has given us a wish list of fights that aren’t being made due to the egos of two very powerful men. The fans are pawns, forced to be satisfied with fights comparable to table scraps. We are forced to watch “the next stars of boxing” brought along at a pace similar to that of a brain surgeon’s hand during surgery. Their fights are chosen with the same caution (Danny Garcia). They are milked for every dollar possible to make up for the dollars that Floyd and Manny will be taking with them once they make their final curtain calls.

That is what makes Broner and Canelo so necessary. They want to fight for their legacy. Sure they go about it in different ways, but they still beg for the best fights. They want to make their OWN money. They want to build their OWN brands. And it’s time all fighters started doing the same. If it is your job to fight, then fight to get the money you deserve. Threaten to ditch your promoter! Pay to break the contract (Floyd did it for $750k) and then spend the rest of your career making great fights, tons of money and legions of fans.

The fans can not be duped and the fighters need to understand they cannot talk themselves in to greatness. And the sooner Floyd goes, the sooner these fighters can stop trying to talk themselves in to the financial crutch that is Floyd and Manny.