WBC – WBA – IBF second Summit reaches historic agreements

The leadership of the World Boxing Council, the World Boxing Association and the International Boxing Fedeeration have achieved an historic breakthrough, establishing a combined agreement protocol on the issues of weigh ins, scoring, instant replay, a tournament to crown one world champion, and coordinated input about amateur boxing.


The big three met in Playa del Carmen, Mexico on September 24th. This was the second Summit and the progress achieved was outstanding.


Dr Gilberto Mendoza (WBA) , Daryl Peoples (IBF) and Mauricio Sulaiman (WBC) were the nucleus. They were joined by Gilberto de Jesus Mendoza, WBA Vice- President; George Martinez, WBA Continental chairman, Lindsay Tucker, IBF Championship director; Bob Logist, European Boxing Union President (EBU); Charles Giles, British Boxing Board of Control (BBB of C) President; Juan Sanchez, WBC Treasurer; Rex Walker, WBC Vice –president; Avel Gonzalez, WBC General Counselor; Victor Cota, WBC Statistics and Media Director; and Alberto Leon, WBC Legal advisor.


The first meeting paved the way as an introduction and confirmation of the need to reach agreements to adjust to current times. And to be able to find areas in which changes will bring about much needed support, plus benefit to our sport.




INSTANT REPLAY – It has been confirmed that Instant Replay has been accepted, and each will develop procedures. A taskforce will communicate with the Federations and local commissions of each organization, to develop coordinate and cohesive use around the world.


WEIGH IN PROTOCOL – The WBA and IBF made the commitment to start procedure similar to the WBC, performing the 30 and 7 day weigh in to monitor responsible and gradual weigh reduction . The official weigh in will be conducted the day before the fight, plus Medical tests. The available data will be evaluated, and a pilot program will be established in order to collect and collate information. It’s progress will be constantly monitored, and it will be evaluated in detail at the end of 2015.


The WBA will begin a one year pilot plan to thoroughly study and assess the IBF proposal to conduct the Day of the fight second weigh in, to monitor weight gain after the official weigh in a day before.


MEDICAL STUDIES- review of available data , pilot studies and sharing information during 2015 will be evaluated with final conclusions to be presented at the end of next year .


SCORING SYSTEM – The three major Boxing Organizations agreed to accept as a given fact, that the scoring system remains a major concern in boxing . The WBA proposal to enhance the 10 point must system is with an option for judges to score closer rounds 10 – 9.5 instead of the current practice of 10 – 9. This has been reviewed, and both the WBC and IBF will begin a program to study the “half point system” throughout out 2015 .


Specific committees will be appointed to deal with this proposal and a report will be presented by 2015 year´s end.


WORLD CHAMPIONS TOURNAMENT– It has been approved to proceed with the preparations of the World Champion´s Tournament to eventually crown 1 fighter per division which will be the sole champion that can receive the distinction of WORLD CHAMPION.


There are many topics which need to be addressed and prepared but the first step has been agreed and it will eventually have its first steps towards this goal .


AMATEUR BOXING AND AIBA – It was discussed as one of the most important and pressing matters concerning boxing all around the world. There will be a joint statement published to report the threat AIBA monopoly practices are presenting to the amateur programs of so many countries.


There’s also the proposal of each President to send a letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), outlining their views, regarding the AIBA goals and practices.


The meeting was conducted with the cordial reciprocity, respect, good will and positive attitude, aimed at progressing Boxing.


A third Leaders Summit has been set for late November, probably in Panama.


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