Tomi Tatham is a 26 year old light heavyweight that is slowly but surely making his was up the British rankings. 

His record currently stands at 10-1 with 4KOs with wins over many experienced campaigners gracing his record.

‘TNT’ is certainly a fan favourite, with an eye catching style that is worthy of any show that he appears on. He is currently ranked seventeenth in the country, although his rankings will soon increase as he begins to step up the level of opponents that he steps in the ring with.

The only loss that Tomi has suffered to date was due to injury (five broken bones) and even with that loss on his record, he is beginning to catch the eye of many other British fighters at the weight.

InstantBoxing.com’s Luke Madeira has been speaking to Tomi, and here is what he had to say:

Tomi Tatham 2How much amateur experience did you have before you turned pro?

Not much really. I was an amateur for about three years and I had 23 fights with 18 wins. I went away travelling for a few months and it was very on and off really.

How did you find the transition from the amateur game to the pro game in your first couple of years?

Initially it was difficult for me because I was going to turn over with my amateur coach but there was a bit of a fall out, so I ended up training with another coach which meant that I went from an amateur gym to a pro gym which was totally different for me. I used to blow up after three rounds and we would end up doing fours and sixes so it was a massive change for me having to change my style. I used to be more of a windmill and there wasn’t a lot of boxing going on, where as now I have been taught how to box and not get hit.

How have you found the professional game so far?

I like it. It’s a hard game and you get out of it what you put it to it. In boxing if you’re tired or haven’t done your road work it’s going to show in the ring and you’ll get beaten up. It is hard and we train every day so I have to work everything around training. I gave up my job as a plasterer and became a personal trainer so I could train people in the morning, I could train through the day and then I could train people at night time. I have had to change my whole life to try and make boxing possible for me.

You’re ranked very highly in Britain now, are you looking to step up the level of opponents you are facing in your next few fights?

Yes it’s something me, Steve and Carl have spoken about. We’ve said that the apprenticeship is basically over now so we are looking for a step up in this next fight. Maybe I can get an eight rounder for a challenge belt against a decent opponent, and then in two or three fights if everyone is happy we could go for the English title. We want to irk our way up slow and surprise those on the way. It’s alright winning that belt but I won’t be able to defend it against anyone so he wants to nail my technique down so I’m not wasting punches, and then we can look at pushing on.

Are you looking at fighting for titles in the near future?Tomi Tatham 3

Yes definitely. As soon as I turned professional I have always said that I want to win the British title and win it outright. It is something I would love to do and it would be great for me to do for my Dad. Anything after that would be a blessing because I’m a puncher and I know I will always have a punchers chance. I’m not the best boxer which I understand, you can teach boxing but you can’t teach power. That’s what I believe and I know that if you give me something, I will go and get it.

You’ve had one loss in your career so far, how much did that affect you at the time?

It was against Lee Duncan who is an unorthodox switch hitter and I had hurt my hand beforehand. I went ahead with the fight anyway and I remember hitting him on the hip in the second round and I was in absolute agony. I basically chased him with my left hand and looked a bit of an idiot. I was inexperienced and though that I only needed to hit him once to win the fight. I got impatient and that night taught me a lot. After the fight I had an x-ray and my wrist was broken in five places. I wasn’t following through with the right hand because it hurt too much so he just countered me. It did teach me a lot and just like I was an amateur, I could out punch people but when people got wise to that, they would just move around me. It made me realise that I need to stick to my boxing so that I can land my power punches. It’s alright having a punch but if you can’t land it, it’s no good.

Do you think your style suits the professional game?

Yes definitely. I’m an aggressive come forward fighter and that’s what people love to watch. Yes it is nice to see somebody who is a slick boxer but a lot of the time people want to see a slugfest really. That’s not saying I’m a slug artist or anything like that, but I think my style is suited to TV and is what people want to see. It’s eye catching for the judges as well.

Tomi tatham 4What is the dream for you as a boxer?

The dream as a boxer is too win the British title outright and hopefully push on from there. I never thought that I would get to the level that I am now. Carl has taken me from a strong lad who can punch to somebody who can box as well so I’m just happy with the way that boxing has changed my life. It has given me a job that I love and has put me in the public eye where you meet loads of nice people, so it has been an all round amazing experience.

Where do you see yourself in a years time?

This year I am hoping to get the English title. Whether it be defend it or push on, and you never know I might get a shot at the British title. I know that we will take the fights when I’m ready, I would love to be moving a lot faster but I believe in my team and what they tell me.

Favourite fighter growing up – Mike Tyson
Favourite glove – Grants
Best ever round – One of the Gatti – Ward rounds
Best ever fight – Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward
First fight you went to –  It was an amateur boxing show and that is what got me into boxing.
First memory of boxing – I watched some guy getting floored and I had a little chuckle to myself. The coach said “oi tough man, if you think you’re tough enough come to the gym” and gave me a clip around the head!
Best punch your ever received – By Martyn Grainger when I was an amateur
Craziest thing you’ve seen in boxing – Someones leg broke when they fell, or the double knock down on Youtube.
Funniest personal moment in boxing – I hit my mate Mike Stafford in the back when we were sparring. He had a go at me for it and then I hit him in the bollocks and the back of the head all in the same round, all because I’m clumsy!
Best fight you’ve seen live – My friend Mike Stafford boxed for the British title at cruiserweight, and he tore his bicep in the second round. He carried on and fought through it. It really encouraged me because he got through it and he was out for eight months after the fight, but he still carried on and got through it. It was inspirational really.

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