Robbie Davies Jnr. is undoubtedly one of Britain’s hottest prospects in the light welterweight division; currently flying under the radar, 2015 looks to be a huge year for the talented Liverpool boxer.

Under the management of Neil Marsh, Davies looks to be gradually making a name for himself as a one-to-watch in the thriving British boxing scene and beyond.

With nine wins so far in his career and six coming by way of knock out, Davies is proving that he has power as well as the boxing brain. Able to hit with both hands, a good switch hitter against a number of different styles, Davies’ next fight will be on September 26th against a yet to be named opponent. 

Robbie has done an exclusive interview with InstantBoxing.com, here is what he had to say:

How do you assess your professional career so far?

It’s had its stops and starts but at the moment it’s going well. I picked up an injury to my elbow a couple of months ago but besides that I’d say I’m on track and later this year after two eight rounds, I’m looking to push into the title mix. 

How would you describe your fighting style and what are your best attributes as a fighter? 

I’m a switch fighter and I hit harder than most light-welterweights. That’s why I keep stopping people. I have an awkward style but I can also hit hard as well. 

Do you think your style suits the professional game?

A lot more so than it did in the amateurs. I always used to be the nearly man in national finals or going to multi-nation tournaments and getting the silver medal instead of the gold. My style has settled better into the professional game. I’m happy to stand there and pick my punches but I’ll also have a fight. When I was an amateur it used to be computer scoring so it was more about hitting and moving.


How do you find training as a professional?

I’ve got one of the best sponsors any fighter could ask for so I don’t have to work at all. Money is literally just pumped into me and all I have to do is train. I train two to three times a day and I have a nutritionist as well. My sponsors also have a rehabilitation team so every week they check me over, and fix anything that’s wrong with me over the weekend. The professionals have done a lot of good for me, and it’s opened a lot of doors for me. Up to now I’ve enjoyed the pro game a lot more than I did in the amateurs. I’ve still stayed the same day weight, but now with the day before weigh ins it’s a lot easier for me being so big at the weight. 

Whose the best fighter you’ve faced so far in your career?

The best fighters I’d say I’ve fought is Renald Garrido. He’s a French guy who comes in with a lion mask on! He’s got a winning record and the losses he’s got are all against good opponents, so he’s literally just lost to undefeated kids. His last fight was against Fedchenko who has only lost to Marquez for the world title and him took him the eight rounds and it was a close fight, losing by only a point. At the time in my career it was the first time I had a tough fight. 

What’s the highlight of your career so far?

I haven’t got one yet. When I get my first title that’ll be my first highlight. 

Where do you see yourself in a years time?

I’m not sure, whatever belt I fight for I’ll be the champ. Hopefully I’ll be knocking on the door for the British title or I’ll go the other route and get a European or International title to get myself a world ranking. 

Robbie Davies Jnr. is certainly one to watch in the future. Having seen him live from ringside you can see he really has power in both hands and is technically very good. He is very capable of winning titles with the strong mindset and work ethic he has.

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By Luke Madeira, follow Luke on Twitter @lukemadeira15