Andy ‘Krem De La Krem’ Kremner is a twenty three year old Welterweight, hailing from Oldham, Lancashire.

Having just completed his second year as a professional fighter, he is currently undefeated with six wins from six fights, one of these coming by way of stoppage.

Fan favourite Kremner, has only lost one round in the whole of his professional career so far against very experienced opponents. Andy has established a trademark ring walk (wearing a top hat and a bow tie!) that seems to excite the fans.

InstantBoxing.com’s Luke Madeira has been speaking to Andy, and here is what he had to say: 


How much amateur experience did you have before you turned professional?

I had about 27 fights as an amateur. Not many people know that I had much of an amateur career because I had a number of injuries. I suffered a lot because I was quite injury prone as an amateur but lucky as a professional, touch wood, it all seems to be behind me now and I’m going from strength to strength. It all started off well and I represented the North-West in Poland and faced their number one in about my sixth fight. It was a multi-nations tournament so I was fighting against local countries to Poland. I have also boxed in Denmark and Guernsey as well. Frank Collinson was my coach and he was an England coach at the time, so I had done a lot of work with him when I was trying to rebuild after my shoulder injury. Frank got me ready for the pro game, I went away from boxing for a while to settle my shoulder after my operation on it. Now obviously, it seems to be perfect.

You’ve had six fights so far, how much of a boost for you personally has it been that they have all been in and around Manchester?

It’s been perfect. We have had shows mentioned such as in Yorkshire and Derbyshire, but to box in Manchester it has been perfect for me because I want to try and grow my following. I want to try and create a fan base within Manchester, and with me fighting here it is easier for my mates and my fans to get down to my fights and support me. My fan base is starting to grow now and hopefully it will carry on.

Andy Kremner

When you walk to the ring you wear a top hat and a dickie bow, what is the reasoning behind that? 

As a kid I was always called ‘Krem’ so it naturally progressed to everybody calling me ‘Krem De La Krem’. It turned into a bit of a gimmick as in I was the ‘cream of the crop’ or ‘the best of the best’. Obviously I don’t take myself too seriously and it’s just a bit of a laugh. Now with boxing, I think you need to be more than a good fighter to be successful, I think you need to be an all round package. Hopefully I can put a few more bums on seats and make a few more people smile.

In your last five fights you haven’t lost a round, are you looking for a step up in opposition in the near future?

Yes hopefully. My last fighter was supposed to be a step up because it was originally a six rounder but I think I handled him well so hopefully I can step up again. Ideally I want to keep busy this year and have four fights, working towards a challenge belt or something like that. I will leave it to my coach John and Mick Marsden and see what they have to say. They have my best interests at heart so they won’t put me in there if I’m not ready. I would fight anybody now but it’s all down to them. It’s good to have Si (Simon Clayton) as well to see what he thinks about any potential fights.

What is it like training under the experienced John Murray who has been there and done it on the big stage?

It’s brilliant.  When I’m in the corner it’s odd because you know John knows what you are going through. If you have a bad round or you aren’t performing in the gym, John has been there and you listen to what he says because he has been through the same thing. I used to love watching John, when I first went into the gym I was a bit starstruck. Linking up with John was brilliant. I had been out of boxing for a while with my shoulder and John’s best mate got in touch with me and said ‘Andy, what you doing? You need to get back into the boxing’. I went to train with John and I was sparring a few undefeated pros and I was doing well, so John told me that he could do something with me. To be honest I have never had a coach that is this behind me and that’s why I have grown so much as a fighter. As an amateur I didn’t really have someone to put an arm around me and I’m that kind of person, I need that kind of attention.

Do you know when you’ll be fighting next?

It’s still undecided. I keep getting told February 20th but it isn’t far away now. I haven’t heard anything else. I’m always training because I’m a bit of a gym rat but if it’s a ticket deal I need to know so I can get my tickets out. I’m not too sure to be honest. I want four fights this year so I need to get a move on!

You have recently linked up with Simon Clayton and Claymaker Boxing, what do you feel you can gain from having him as part of your team?

Well obviously Simon has been a big boxing fan for years and with Simon you have  somebody who is always 100% honest. He’s also another person that I can turn too for advice. If anything is going wrong in the gym I can speak to Si because even though we haven’t known each other for years, it seems like we have. We just click, he’s a dead nice guy and he has my best interests at heart. He’s a mad boxing fan Simon and he just wants to see people do well, and it can only be beneficial to have somebody like that around you. He’s a character!

Andy Kremner 2

Do you think your style suits the professional ranks?

Yes definitely. As an amateur, no disrespect to the amateurs, but I think it is a bit more like sword fencing. I’m quite a fit lad so I rely on my fitness to throw a lot of shots. With the point scoring system, a lot of your shots are missed. I try and make fights interesting and even though I box in parts, I try and make it into a fight just so people are entertained. I always keep busy during the rounds and I think in the amateurs, a lot of my work was missed. I think I’m more suited to the pro’s and a lot of people say they can see a mix in me; a bit of John and a bit of boxing. At this moment in time I think I’m caught between two styles which is good because I can box on the back foot or I can come forward and have a bit of a fight. In my last two fights I have done that but other than that I have just boxed and moved which is a bit amateurish, but I think I showed in my last fight that my style is suited to the pros. I think I am only going to get better as well because as a twenty three year old I’m not mature and I still have a lot of developing to do. A lot of people develop at different times and I just think I need to be patient and hopefully it will pay off.

What is the dream for you as a fighter?

As a kid I always dreamed of boxing on a big stage in front of a big crowd. I thrive off that. That’s why I come out in a top hat because hopefully one day I will be on a big show as the main event. My dream is to win the British title but I’m that type of person that if I do win the British title I would want more. I’m very grounded and I know I need to work towards getting a central area title as it stands. It’s little steps but my aim is to bring some belts home to make my Mum and my Dad happy.

Where do you see yourself in a years time?

In a years time I see myself winning some sort of title. I can’t say what kind of title it will be but I can see myself winning some kind of title. Hopefully I can have a couple of six rounders and then win a belt like the challenge belt.

Favourite fighter growing up – John Murray
Favourite glove – Cleto Reyes
Best ever round – Gatti-Ward
Best ever fight – Gatti-Ward
First fight you went to – I think it was Warren Tansey! As an amateur I used to box at the same gym as him and Warren was always a bit older than me and my brother, so we used to look up to him and get on with him. He was like an older brother to us.
First memory of boxing – It was my amateur debut, I had only been in the gym for two months and I didn’t even have a gum shield, boots or kit. I weighed in as a spare and I boxed a kid called Cameron Halfpenny who is unbeaten as a pro. He had had ten fights and I was making my debut, but I beat him.
Best punch your ever received – Probably one whilst sparring with Denton Vassell
Craziest thing you’ve seen in boxing – Probably the Cello Renda double knock down.
Funniest personal moment in boxing – It’s hard off the top of my head, I can’t real think of anything for that!
Best fight you’ve seen live – John Murray against John Simpson. He was away in Scotland and it was a great atmosphere.


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