Alex Rutter is a twenty two year old lightweight hailing from Middleton, Lancashire.

He boasts an undefeated record of nine wins in nine fights, all of them coming on the judges scorecards.

‘Big Al’ has been speaking to InstantBoxing.com’s Luke Madeira, and here is what he had to say:

Why did you first get into boxing?

My big brother went to an amateur gym and I just went down with him. It went on from there. My brother taught me from being a kid up to about fourteen, and from there I was at the amateur gym.Alex Rutter 2

How much amateur experience did you have before you turned pro?

I had forty eight fights and won about thirty. I boxed Jack Catterall twice, Qais Ashfaq and Joe Castillo so I had quite a good amateur background really.

How have you found the professional game so far?

Really good so far. It’s a lot slower but I like everything about it. It gives me more time to pick my shots.

Do you think your style suits the professional game?

Yes definitely, I’ve got more time to sit on my shots and step things up. It isn’t over three rounds where everything is too quick, I can take my time and take my opportunities.

You’ve recently linked up with Simon Clayton and Claymaker Boxing, what do you think he will add to your game?

He’s a good guy Si and I’ve known him a while. He can help me get my name out there and he is also helping me to get some more sponsorship. He’s like my agony Aunt and I go to him when I need a bit of advice. When I changed trainers he’s one of the first people I went to so he’s good to have around.

Do you feel that you’re now ready to start stepping up the level of opposition you’re facing?

Yes definitely. I’ve linked up with my new trainer now Pat Barrett but I’ve only had one fight with him. I’ve got a couple of fights scheduled on May 21st and July 9th. There has been talks about a Central area title fight at the end of the year after a couple more learning fights.

What has Pat added to your game so far?

Loads of things like self belief. He is like a preacher and he speaks to you a lot. My defence has come on massively and I’m punching a lot harder now. I’m getting my body into position to land punches and also my inside game is improving.

What would you consider to be the best win of your Alex Rutter 3career so far?

I haven’t really fought anybody that isn’t a journeyman so far. The one who came to win the most was probably Jamie Quinn in my last fight. I put him down in the last round but I didn’t box my best that night. I don’t really know which win would be my best so far.

What is the dream for you as a fighter?

I just want to take it step-by-step really. I want to win the British title, that’s my first big aim. There’s no point of me saying I can win a world title if I can’t win a British title. I want to win that and win it outright, and then look on from there to set myself a new goal.

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time?

I just want to keep in the gym, keep learning and being unbeaten. I want to be a bit more in the mix.

Favourite fighter growing up – Diego Corrales 
Favourite glove – Winnings
Best ever round – Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo
Best ever fight – Gatti vs. Ward
First fight you went to – Joe Calzaghe against Jeff Lacy
First memory of boxing – My first day in the gym sparring at nine years old
Best punch you’ve ever received – A left hook to the body in sparring
Best fight you’ve seen live – For the atmosphere probably Ricky Hatton against Kostya Tszyu

By Luke Madeira, follow Luke on Twitter @lukemadeira15