Mayweather Promotions’ super middleweight contender Ronald “Thrill” Gavril took some time out to speak to about his career so far, experiences and his big plans ahead. Check it out below! First of all you’re a native of Romania, how did the move to the USA and Las Vegas in particular come about?

RG: I dreamed about boxing in America since I was a child. When I decided to turn pro in 2011 I moved to Los Angeles and then in 2012 to Las Vegas. Can you tell us a little about your amateur experience prior to turning pro in 2011?

RG: In 2001 at the age of 15 I followed in my brothers footsteps and joined the local boxing club SCM Bacău in (Romania). The next 10 years that followed I fought in national and international competitions representing my native country. How did your link up with TMT happen?

RG:  My coach Eddie Mustafa is one of the main trainers at the Mayweather Boxing Gym, linking up with him, staying active and sparring good partners made Floyd Mayweather offer me a contract with The Money Team I couldn’t refuse. What is it like to train inside the Mayweather gym? The atmosphere always seems pretty good. How often yourself have you been lured into the “Doghouse”?

RG: The dog house atmosphere it’s “Thrilling”… Good music, hard work, good sparring and most of all good people. There is no luring around its just boxing and training. You’ve got some superb trainers at the gym, which one trainer really stands out? 

RG: One team one dream. Some have defensive skills, some speed. When you combine this in a team effort you get Champions. Who is the hardest working fighter at the gym? And who doesn’t take training as seriously as they should some times?

RG: We are all motivated to work hard and take training serious. I never pay attention if somebody works harder or less then me. Sometimes it’s about working smarter and find the right balance. Don’t assume / don’t judge. You’ve fought at some of the biggest venues in the world in your career already despite only having ten fights – you must have to pinch yourself sometimes to believe it. All the experience should stand you in good stead when you’re headlining shows of your own in the future?

RG: I’m very lucky to be part of this boxing movement in Las Vegas. Mayweather Promotions is growing every day and we have big dreams to entertain the world of boxing with good shows in the near future. What is it like to be part of a Floyd Mayweather fight weekend?

RG: Most of the time I’m in training camps as well and I have to prepare myself. I’m amazed by everything happening around me. Boxing celebrities, press, actors, athletes, hip-hop stars. It’s a crazy energy and sometimes it’s hard to stay focused. But that’s the game. You’ve got quite a big KO% on your record, is that something your opponents should always be wary about when going into a fight with yourself? Do you always go into a fight looking for a KO or is the plan to always box and let the KO come naturally?

RG: No I’m don’t… I like to box This year you’ve stepped up your level of competition against Tyrell Hendrix and Thomas Falowo, how do you rate your performances in those fights?

RG:  Decent, I’ve learn a lot from those fights and I went straight back to the gym and improve my skills. With every fight that passes I’m growing stronger and smarter and learning new things. When are you next fighting? Do you have an opponent lined up?

RG: December 12 San Antonio Texas (Lara Vs Smith) undercard. Eight round Super Middleweight bout vs James Freeman. According to Boxrec, you’ve moved up to #37 in the world now at 168lbs; what are your plans for the next twelve months?

RG: I want to do twelve rounds. Okay lets put your promoter hat on – If you could fight any three fighters at 168 now, who would they be? 

RG: I have some names on my list but I prefer not to mention them. I don’t want to scare anybody…:) If a fan had never watched Ronald “Thrill” Gavril fight before, how would you describe yourself as a fighter? Is there any particular fight of yours you would recommend them to watch?

RG: Im still working on my jabs, hooks, etc. I’m trying to improve my style everyday. I don’t know how to describe myself, lets leave that to the boxing fans reading this article. You’re 28 now, do you feel the need to speed up your career after only turning pro at 25? Or is age just a number? 

RG: It’s a working progress and I’m not thinking about age right now. I’m in the best shape of my life and I love it. I’m mature in my head with a strong body. When your career is finished, what do you have hoped to have achieved in the sport?

RG: World titles Are there any social media handles you have in which your fans can contact you on?

RG: My Website: and social media channels:





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