If you ask two different people what they think of the fighter named Timothy Bradley there’s a good chance you’ll get two different answers. For instance, if they only saw the Bradley-Provodnikov fight they might say he’s a wild brawler with some boxing skills who tends to stay inside too long. Or perhaps they’ve only seen the Bradley-Marquez fight. In this case they might say he is a very good boxer, with elite level talent and skills who is able to completely control fights at times. Ultimately, they would both be correct. In the Bradley-Provodnikov fight Bradley started off on fire, bouncing on his toes and getting in and out while mixing in a nice variety of punches to the body and head. It initially seemed that Bradley would collect a wide unanimous decision win on the merit of his boxing skills.

However, after about 1:40 seconds into the fight Bradley lingered inside too long which ultimately led to him being badly hurt and arguably knocked down. For the record, Tim Bradley is at his best when he is controlling distance using his superior footwork and upper body movement. His ability to slip punches at close quarters is quite impressive at times. Continuing with the Provodnikov fight, Bradley went back to the boxing we have come to expect from him for most of the remainder of the fight and earned a very tough split decision win. To his credit Provodnikov is tough night out for ANYONE he fights, which has been proven in each of his sub sequential fights.

The Bradley-Marquez fight was a completely different viewing experience. Bradley was completely locked in and showed why he is a top 5 pound for pound fighter. He was able to neutralize Marquez’s offense and gave him very few countering opportunities due to his in and out approach. This is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination as

Marquez is one of the finest and most accomplished pugilists the sport has seen for the past two decades. Unlike the Provodnikov fight, Bradley wasn’t lured into a brawl in the middle of the ring and was able to score and keep a safe distance to get the hard fought win.

One interesting point I’ve observed about Bradley is his application to the sport. He is without question a top talent, but his actions in the ring leave you guessing and wanting more from him. At times he is untouchable, showing blazing speed and skills. Other times he can’t be missed and takes the same 5 punches in row that you’ve seen him easily slip in the first six rounds. In a way this is sort of the thing that makes his fights so interesting. He has shown time and time again that his talent and heart cannot be questioned, most memorably when he got off the deck against Kendall Holt to win.

The fact that Bradley can be a bit inconsistent at times is what makes him must see television. No matter who his opponent maybe, his fights have the potential to be something completely unforeseen. Even if the match appears to be a clear win for Bradley there are no guarantees. You have an idea of what will happen but there is a chance the fight won’t even partially resemble that idea.

This is what makes Timothy Bradley the ultimate enigma.