There’s only one winner at Mayhem

Las Vegas is a wonderful place on its own, sure there’s gambling, endless drinking, and entertainment but Las Vegas during a major fight week is something that should be on the bucket list of every fight fan.

This week mark’s Floyd Mayweather’s return to the ring in his rematch with Marcos “Chino” Maidana, the Floyd Maywather rematch is such a rarity that only one fighter in history other than Maidana has earned one Jose Luis Castillo. Castillo in the eyes of many beat Floyd Mayweather in his first loss to him by split decision, which “Pretty Boy Floyd” as he was known before becoming “Money” wanted to silence his critics and put on a boxing clinic in the rematch erasing doubts that he was the superior fighter.

Floyd Mayweather is no longer in the type of position where he has to prove anything to anybody period, his accomplishments in the ring essentially speak for themselves. No this rematch is for Floyd and for Floyd alone, sure we the fans get what we want in building the hopes of the many that tune into Floyd’s fights because they wish to see him lose but this writer thinks Floyd is fighting Maidana again because he doesn’t like a fighter with a 35-4 record talked about being in the same league as him.

Believing that Maidana has a punchers chance or has somehow cracked the code that no other fighter could come close to is a great selling point for this fight, I mean come on who doesn’t like seeing an underdog or someone that comes from a background that connects with the everyman like Maidana.

During the first fight Maidana was relentless in his pressure through the first half fading just enough down the stretch to allow Mayweather to pick him apart or, Mayweather had his usual slow start figured him out and started to apply copious amounts of straight right hands in the center of the ring like we have seen him do to everyone’s favorite fighters that didn’t have the chops to beat him.

At 37 years old Mayweather is no spring chicken and maybe just maybe he wasn’t his biding his time to figure Maidana out maybe, father time was knocking on Mayweather’s door but that night decided not to wait for an answer.

Two things are certain in this fight Maidana will apply relentless pressure and swarm Mayweather like fat people at a Las Vegas buffet and Mayweather will use that guided laser straight right hand in the center of the ring to stifle Maidana’s advances. Either way questions will be answered, fans will be elated and disappointed and win or lose Maidana’s status has been elevated.

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