The fight of the century takes place this Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. The fighters? Five division world champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather and eight division world champion Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao, square off.

Whilst 15,000 spectators will cram into the Garden Arena, and many more thousands will surround big screens around the world, has collated opinions from fighters, trainers, promoters, journalists and boxing fans, to gauge thoughts on just how the fight we have all been waiting for, will play out. Sit back and enjoy. 

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

Mark Butcher (Boxing Monthly)
“I’m in the minority who believes Pacquiao can spring the upset. Mayweather is the puncher in this fight and Manny needs to box rather than engage. Freddie Roach can find the game plan and Manny can follow it to a points victory.” Final prediction: Pacquiao Points


Albert Baker ( Senior Reporter)
“Pacquiao will win the first 3-4 rounds with activity and footwork, if he wins this will be the time to make it happen. Mayweather starts to time and figures out Pacquiao after the fourth and breaks him down.” Final prediction: Mayweather Unanimous Decision.


Derry Mathews (interim WBA lightweight champion)
“I’m going for a draw or no contest in the fight.” Final prediction: Draw or No Contest


Michael Luketic ( Staff Graphic Designer/Reporter)
“Some spurts of competitiveness from Manny in the first three rounds, throwing combinations that at first glance might appear to land but most will be blocked. After three rounds Floyd starts to take over, timing Manny’s repetitive attack  and begins to land right hands at will breaking his opponent down. Mayweather will start walking him down in the later rounds and if willing to press it’s possible a late stoppage.” Final prediction: Mayweather UD 117-111

All Photos Credit: Idris Erba, Stephanie Trapp, Will Hart, Esther Lin
All Photos Credit: Idris Erba, Stephanie Trapp, Will Hart, Esther Lin

Jamie Conlan (Undefeated super flyweight)
“I think Mayweather will control the pace and make PacMan fight at a slower pace by using the jab and movement. If Pacman gets his clusters of punches off and gets back out of range he has a chance, but I feel Mayweather will have an answer for everything.” Final prediction: Mayweather unanimous decision by 3/4 rounds.


Adam Abramowitz (Editor
“I’m picking Floyd Mayweather by a competitive decision because when in doubt I like to go with the smarter fighter, However, I believe that both fighters have slipped from their respective peaks and all options are on the table on Saturday. A knockout or a decision win by either fighter would not surprise me.” Final Prediction: Mayweather Points.


Dan Wise ( Contributor)
“I think Pacquiao will win the first few rounds with his hand, foot speed and combinations while Mayweather adapts. Eventually Floyd is gonna find his rhythm and start counter punching and using defense to win most mid and late rounds.” Final Prediction: Mayweather Split Decision.


Andy Paterson (Host of Boxing Asylum NutHouse Podcast)
“I’m expecting a close fight for the first 4-5 rounds, a couple of close middle rounds (that could go either way), then Floyd will probably have figured Manny out around the 9th/10th and landing straight right hands and left hooks to the body to nick a close decision.” Final prediction: Mayweather close decision.

Brian Rodgers ( Contributor)
“I pray Floyd Mayweather is masterful, just not so masterful it’s one-sided! I do see it being a great fight.” Final Prediction: Mayweather Split Decision.

Floyd Mayweather

Billy Nelson (Boxing Trainer)
Mayweather on points in a pretty one sided affair.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.


Matthew Bevan (Reporter for Coldwell Boxing)
“Unless Pacquiao hurts Mayweather early, Floyd should cruise through for me and take a wide decision. However in the first Maidana fight, he showed his legs aren’t the same as they were, so I do expect him to be hurt early. In the end it will be a close fight that Pacquiao will win, but get robbed on the scorecards.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.


Gary Mushrow ( Editor)
“I’ve had the same opinion on this fight for years, and it isn’t going to change now. I feel Pacquiao will use raiding tactics; in and out with his fast footwork (almost like Hatton 2007) and fast combinations to catch the eye of the judges early on. The shoulder roll isn’t beneficial against southpaws, and I feel we’ll see a high peak-a-boo guard from Mayweather in this fight, starting particularly slow as he gets a good look at his opponent and assesses his speed “in play”. After the third round, Mayweather will start to zero in on his timing and will shoot the lead straight right hand down the pipe. Using a lot of ring movement to offset Pacquiao, he will take the majority of rounds four through nine, snapping the Filipino’s head back, drawing gasps. Freddie Roach will rally Pacquiao in the final two rounds with work rate and make it close on the score cards, ultimately demanding a rematch in September.” Final prediction: Mayweather Majority Points.

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao

Dejan Zlaticanin (WBC lightweight contender)
“I’m a big fan of Pacquiao and I would like him to win, but Mayweather is the smartest fighter in the world. But he has never faced someone with aggressiveness of Pacquiao so there can be anything. This is a 50:50 chance. My heart is with Pacman but brain said Mayweather.” Final prediction: Draw.

Ruslan Provodnikov

Kasim Aslam ( Contributor)
“The Zab Judah fight is the only example we have of Mayweather fighting a quick southpaw. In that fight he struggled slightly. I think the same will happen at the start of this fight but Mayweather is clever, shrewd and efficient and will inevitably take control. His hands have gone so don’t bet on a knockout. I see the fight being closeish with Mayweather coming out on top by decision.” Final prediction: Mayweather Majority Decision.

Ruslan Provodnikov

John Wharton (Boxing Writer)
“Put simply Floyd Mayweather will have too much for Manny Pacquiao. This fight may have been more competitive five years ago but now I feel that it’s a battle of whose skill has deteriorated least. For Pacquiao to win he needs to make sure that when he has a chance to land he hits anything arms, chest, head or anything. Mayweather needs to do what he does best and use his timing and reflexes to counter the Filipino. All in all I can see no other outcome than a Mayweather win. Although we may well see some Vegas scoring and a similar outcome to the Mayweather v Alvarez bout.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.

Ruslan Provodnikov

Ian Mushrow ( Staff Contributor)
“Pacquiao will start at a frantic pace and win the opening few rounds whilst Mayweather establishes a rhythm. As the fight progresses, Floyd will get his timing, countering effectively off the back foot, particularly with the straight right hand. Nullifying Pacquiao’s tireless attacks, Floyd will grind out a unanimous decision. A true boxing masterclass.” Final prediction: Mayweather Unanimous Decision.


Eddie Chambers (Former heavyweight world title challenger and current contender)
“I’m taking Floyd, but it will be very interesting early because of Manny’s energy. But in the end, Floyd will take control.” Final Prediction: Mayweather Unanimous decision.


Mark Turley (Professional Boxing Author / columnist)
“Pacquiao to come out busy and put Mayweather under pressure early on. The first few rounds will be crucial but I expect Money to take over by the middle part of the fight and take it on points.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.


Steve Goodwin (Professional Boxing Promoter)
“Mayweather to win on points by four rounds. Pacman wins first few rounds and Mayweather takes the middle to late.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.

Ruslan Provodnikov

Joe Thackray ( reporter)
“I expect Pacquiao to start strong and cause Mayweather a few problems early on but I think after 5 or 6 rounds Mayweather will take control, start to time Pacquiao and begin to walk him down. I wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd stops him late but I think a win on points is the more likely outcome.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.


Simon Clayton (National Ringside Spectator)
“For me it’s probably going to be the biggest fight of my lifetime, I’m 35 now and I’ve witnessed Mayweather turn himself from an amateur Bronze medalist into a brand! He’s frustrated me at times when I’ve wanted him to ‘close the show’ however that’s fully what I’m expecting him to do this weekend! He’s the best of my time and I’m going for him to win by stoppage between five and ten as he gets closer to going out 50 and 0!” Final prediction: Mayweather Knockout.

Credit: Stephanie Trapp, Trappfotos/Mayweather Promo
Credit: Stephanie Trapp, Trappfotos/Mayweather Promo

Paul Daley (Editor of TopClassBoxing)
“I have been of the opinion for the last five years that Mayweather has the style to beat Manny and although that thought as faded a little, I’d be contradicting myself by going for Pacquiao at this late stage. I’m sticking with Mayweather via close decision perhaps even controversially.” Final prediction: Mayweather Decision.


Nathan Orr ( reporter)
“Admittedly I’ve been tossing and turning about the result of Mayweather-Pacquiao all week. It’s a shame that the fight wasn’t made when both fighters were in their prime, but let’s just be happy its finally here. I expect Pacquiao to edge the first 3 or 4 rounds by darting in and out of range and out-working Mayweather. But as the fight progresses, I expect a shift in momentum.Mayweather has always been able to adjust once he’s in there, and I believe as the fight progresses he will begin to time Pacquiao with his trademark lead right hand. Marquez caught Pacquiao with the right hand on several occasions in their last fight (including the knockout), and I expect Mayweather to land it with the same precision and accuracy. Despite Pacquiao’s success in the early rounds, I expect a close points decision victory to go in Mayweather’s favour. What happens once the scorecards are read out? I’m predicting Mayweather proclaims himself to be TBE (the best ever) and a rematch will be negotiated for May of next year to mark Mayweather’s final fight of his career.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.


Jordan Major ( reporter)
“Adjusting to Manny Pacquiao’s style, Floyd Mayweather will shoulder roll his dice all over the Las Vegas strip. ‘Moneys’ hand(s) shows size, speed and counter punching, dealing Mr 48-0 a Royal Flush.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.


Kevin Satchell (European flyweight champion)
“I think it’s going to be a boring fight and Mayweather nicks it on points.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.


Paul Butler (former IBF bantamweight champion)
“I think Floyd wins points, after a tough start. I think he will struggle with Pacman’s speed and southpaw stance but then get his range an take over.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.


Tony Nash ( contributor)
“From the opening bell I think Pacquiao will gain control, using his speed and applying pressure to Mayweather. But as we know “Money” always finds a way to win and for me, midway through the fight Floyd will take advantage with his jabs and great counter punching.” Final prediction: Mayweather Knockout.


Nick Quigley (British super middleweight)
“Like many have said, my heads saying Mayweather but my hearts saying Pacquiao. I think Mayweather will school him and win on points but in boxing it only takes one punch and Manny has got some explosive power so there’s always a possibility of an upset.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.


Joseph McNally ( contributor)
“As much as I have I enjoyed the build up to this fight I simply can’t buy in to it being a hard fought, competitive fight. I have gone on record numerous times saying that Mayweather is stylistically all wrong for Pacquiao (even in his prime). However, I do see the first 3-4 rounds being close but quite uneventful before a few sharp combinations hugely shift the fight in Mayweathers favour. By the 6-7th round Mayweathers straight right hand down the pipe will be landing at will and I don’t see this fight lasting past the 10th. Mayweather dominates and stops Pacquiao late on.” Final prediction: Mayweather Knockout.


Andrew McCart (Co-editor FirstClassBoxing)
“Pacquiao has the hand speed, footwork and he’s a southpaw which will cause Mayweather all sorts of problems. Freddie Roach will come up with the perfect game plan for his fighter and with Pacquiao throwing punches in bunches the Filipino will steal enough rounds. I can also see Pacquiao dropping Mayweather at some point in the fight. So, for me Pacquiao wins a close decision.” Final prediction: Pacquiao Points.


David Coldwell (Professional Boxing Promoter)
“I’m going for Money Mayweather! People don’t give him enough credit for his toughness.. The way he was hurt by Mosley but came right back at him, the shots he took from Maidana, including the rough back of the head stuff. He’s a tough guy and also a genius in the ring. Timing I feel beats speed and although he may be uncomfortable for a couple rounds, he has the ability to adjust mid fight.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points/Knockout.


Paul Edwards (former British flyweight champion/Trainer)
“I fancy Mayweather to win on points after having a few scares and can see him dropping Pacquiao finishing the fight with a great performance.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.


Oun Abbas Hussain (UK editor for BehindtheGloves)
“I’m going for a Pacquiao points decision in a close fight. Think it’ll be really close but Pacman might just take it if he starts strong.” Final prediction: Pacquiao Points.


Lina Baker ( Official Photographer)
“I think Floyd will win by decision. But my heart says Pacquiao TKO! I really hope Pacquiao can shake Mayweather in first five rounds and finish him. Final prediction: Mayweather Points.

Paul Webb (Co-editor FirstClassBoxing)
“Never pick with your heart always pick with your head he’ too big, too fast, too precise Mayweather wins by a wide unanimous decision.” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.


Danny Mac (FightFansUnite)
“I think Floyd will win on points. I think he’ll put on a show and outbox Manny. I could be totally wrong though! We’ll see!” Final prediction: Mayweather Points.



Mayweather Points – 27
Mayweather KO/TKO – 4

Pacquiao Points – 3
Pacquiao KO/TKO – 0

Draw/No Contest – 2