Promising Light Heavyweight Tomi ‘TMT’ Tatham won his first professional title last night in a barnstormer against Eric Mokonzo. There were also wins for Jack Arnfield, Ryan Doyle and Luke Evans just to name a few. 

The main event of the night pitted Tomi Tatham (10-1, 4KOs) against Eric Mokonzo (2-1, 2 KOs) at Light Heavyweight for the International Challenge crown. The fight exploded into action in the first ten seconds of the first round. Mokonzo came out ‘all guns blazing’, and recklessly got caught on the way in with a huge right hand. He did well to come back into the fight, but his reckless style meant Tatham could easily pick him off at will during the second round.

The third round was very even, with neither fighter landing anything of significance. Into the fourth round we went and Mokonzo was visibly tiring, with more and more holding becoming part of his game plan. Tatham punished him severely dropping him heavily twice in the round. Yet again Mokonzo did extremely well to survive the round and get back to his corner.

The fifth began with Mokonzo collapsing under a barrage of punches in the ropes, with referee John Latham ruling it to be a slip. Tatham saw his chance and went in to finish the job, forcing the referee to intervene. The stoppage came after three knock downs, and Tatham was crowned the new International Challenge Cruiserweight champion.

Jack Arnfield returned (19-2, 4KOs) to the ring in the penultimate fight of the night against Alistair Warren (8-11-4, 4 KOs) over eight rounds at Super-Middleweight. Arnfield was coming into the fight off the back of a points defeat to current British champion Nick Blackwell. Arnfield proved to be too good for Warren, and scored an impressive stoppage victory in the fifth round.

The final four rounder of the night pitted Luke Evans (1-0, 0 KOs) against Liam Richards (12-21, 1 KO) at Super-Lightweight. The nineteen year old produced a very mature performance, convincingly winning on the scorecards 40-36.

‘Ruthless’ Ryan Doyle (11-1-1, 6KOs) contested the first six rounder of the night against Ismail Anwar (5-9, 1 KO) at Featherweight. Doyle returned from his draw last time out with Isaac Lowe in devastating fashion, winning the contest by TKO in the second round.

The seventh fight of the night pitted Chris Monaghan (3-0, 0 KOs) against Louis Van Pouch (4-34, 0 KOs) at Super-Welterweight over four rounds. Monaghan looked in control through out the fight and was never troubled by Van Pouch. Monaghan eventually ran out 40-37 winner on the scorecards.

Charlie Schofield (4-0, 0 KOs) then faced Andy Neylon (0-7, 0KOs) over four rounds at Cruiserweight. Schofield produced a workman-like performance in a fight that didn’t really get going, winning on the scorecards 40-36.

We then saw Ben Sheedy make his professional debut against Robert Studzinski (3-26, 4 KOs) at Super-Middleweight over four rounds. Sheedy looked in control until he was hit with a left hook at the end of the second round, and did well to survive the round. Both fighters came out firing in round four, but ultimately Sheedy’s skills won him the fight with a 40-37 points decision.

Sean Ben Mulligan (3-0, 1 KO) then faced the infamous ‘journey man’ Kristian Laight (11-218, 0 KOs) over four rounds at Welterweight. The first round went perfectly for Mulligan, with Laight touching the canvas. ‘Mr Reliable’ recovered remarkably well to make the fight competitive for its remainder, but Mulligan proved to be the superior boxer through out the fight, winning 40-35.

The third fight of the night pitted Lee Gillespie (4-0, 0 KOs) against Yusif Al Hamidi (13-85-3, 1 KO) over four rounds in the Light-Welterweight division. There was only ever one man that looked like he could win, and Gillespie eventually won on the scorecards 40-36, moving to 5-0.

Next up saw Dale Coyne (3-0, 1 KO) face Dan Blackwell (7-53, 1 KO) in a four round Super-Middleweight contest. Both fighters landed heavy shots through out the fight, but Coyne never seemed troubled and won on the scorecards 40-36.

The night began with a Heavyweight bout over four rounds, contested by Adam Machaj (6-1, 4 KOs) and Ferenc Zsalek (15-49-6, 3 KOs). Machaj looked in charge straight from the first bell, and finished the fight with a devastating overhand right after 2 minutes 12 seconds of the opening round.