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Omaha, Nebraska (October 24, 2015)-  In an impressive 10-round assault, home town favorite Terence “Bud” Crawford (now 27-0-0, 19KOs) defended his WBO super lightweight title with a victory against Dierry “Dougy Style” Jean (29-2-0, 20KOs) at the CenturyLink Center. Crawford fought in front of a packed house with over 11,000 fans present. 

Switching stances is risky but it can also be highly rewarding. It can also increase your vulnerability to your opponent, but if done right and with experience, it can interrupt your opponents strategy and cause a lot of frustration.  That is exactly what happened tonight; Crawford switched from orthodox to southpaw in the first round against his opponent causing Jean to become target to brutal right hand punches, uppercuts and combos.

Not long after, a masterful right hook by Crawford put Jean on the canvas in round one. Seemingly calm and collected at the beginning of the bout, everyone watching saw Jean’s confidence begin to fade as his punches were blocked time and time again and his effectiveness dwindled, which led to even further frustration.  The level playing field upon which they started was now gone.  Crawford began to out punch Jean and block Jean’s counter punches.

Round after round Crawford dominated Jean in the ring with his powerful right hook.  Jean was so dazed and confused after the fifth round that he headed to the wrong corner. Even when he relaxed a bit in the eighth round, Jean threw two hard right hands that still proved to be unsuccessful. Though ineffective at the time, those punches by Jean only ignited the fire in Crawford.  It was considered a wake up call for the champion who then came back with a vengeance that left Dierry Jean on the canvas in round nine suffering from two unintentional blows to the back of the head.

Jean was no match for Crawford. Trapped in the corner by multiple combos from the champion in round ten, Jean went flying toward the ropes which was a clear sign that referee Tony Weeks needed to stop the fight.

When asked by Max Kellerman why he was so amped during this fight Crawford replied “He called me out twice.  Did you get what you were looking for [speaking to Jean]?  Then his manager guaranteed me that he[Jean] was going to walk away with my belt from my hometown and I felt that was disrespectful”.

“He took things personal and I took things personal too.”

“Anybody that’s here today can tell you where I started from.  That’s from the bottom.”

When asked about a potential bout with Manny Pacquao in April of 2016, Crawford replied “I’m ready. Bob make it happen.”

There were no post fight comments from Dierry Jean.

The seven bouts on the undercard were not televised on HBO but were streamed live via Results are as follows:

Andy “Destroyer” Ruiz, Jr. Vs. Raphael Zumbano

In the co-feature undefeated Andy “Destroyer” Ruiz (now 26-0-0, 17KOs) lived up to his name by punishing Raphael Zumbano (now 37-12-1, 30KOs) during an 8 round heavyweight scrap.  Round after round Ruiz controlled the fight with solid right hand powershots and threw everything but the kitchen sink at Zumbano.  Although his hard work wasn’t enough for a KO, Ruiz earned a win by unanimous decision with scores 80-72(x2) and 80-70.

Mikael Zewski Vs. Ayi “Bruce Lee” Bruce

Scheduled for 10 rounds, welterweights Mikael Zewski (now 27-1-0, 21KOs) and Ayi “Bruce Lee” Bruce (15-12-0, 9KOs) both longed for a victory after both lost their last fight.  Bruce’s best performance proved to be no match for Zewski who landed powerful body shots and right hand punches back to back.  Bruce countered effectively but lacked an offensive strategy and passion, which led to Zewski knocking Bruce out in round 5 scoring a win by knockout.

Evgeny “El Ruso Mexicano”  Gradovich Vs. Aldimar Silva Santos

Former world champion Evgeny “El Ruso Mexicao” Gradovich (now 20-1-1, 9KOs) and world class Brazilian fighter Aldimar Silva Santos (19-9-0, 10KOs) went toe to toe in their 8 round featherweight bout (scheduled for 6 rounds but informed of the change in between round 4 and 5).  Both fighters were productive with their jabs and counterpunching making this a competitive fight but Gradovich was clearly the aggressor and outworked Santos in the final rounds.  Gradovich won by split decision and defeated Santos with scores: 79-71 and 78-74, 77-75 for Silva.

Julian “Hammer hands” Rodriguez Vs. Alvaro Ortiz

Super lightweights Julian “Hammer hands” Rodriguez(now 11-0-0, 9KOs) and Alvaro Ortiz (now 7-5-1, 5KOs) were originally scheduled for a 6 round brawl, but the fight was decreased to 4 rounds prior. In his first fight post surgery (to repair a tear in his left labrum), an undefeated Rodriguez aimed to prove that he’s still superior in the ring.  Although both fighters exhibited a lackluster performance, Rodriguez utilized his physical advantages over Ortiz and walked away unscathed winning by unanimous decision.  Scores were 40-36(x2) and 40-37.

Alex “El Cholo”  Saucedo Vs. Angel “El Arcángel” Martinez

Dominating this 6 round welterweight bout,  Alex “El Cholo” Saucedo (now 19-0-0, 13KOs) led with his right hand jab, winning every round over Angel “El Arcángel” Martinez(now 12-8-1, 8KOs).  Unfortunately this fight was void of excitement until Saucedo dropped Martinez to his knees at the end of the fifth round, then again in the sixth.  Martinez lacked the power necessary to hurt Saucedo and danced around the ring to avoid Saucedo’s right hand.  The highly favored Alex Saucedo gets his 19th win by unanimous decision with scores of 60-52(x2) and 60-54.

Alfredo Martinez Vs. Darin “Too Sweet” Hampton 

In a 4 round super lightweight battle between Alfredo Martinez(5-0-0, 2KOs) and Darin “Too Sweet” Hampton (now 1-2-0, 0KOs), Martinez was the obvious aggressor focusing his attack on Hampton with jabs and uppercuts that forced Hampton down twice in Round 2.  Surrendering to Martinez’s power, Hampton failed to initiate any offense in Round 3 and went down for a third time in the fourth round.  Alfredo Martinez wins a sweet victory by unanimous decision with scores of 40-33 (x2) and 40-34.

Zsolt Daranyi Vs. Sean “Hollywood” Wilson 

The opening bout of the night featured two super welterweights, Zsolt Daranyi (now 5-0-0, 5KOs) and Sean “Hollywood” Wilson (now 5-16-1, 1KOs), scheduled for 4 rounds that provided nothing short of a great performance.  Daranyi destroyed Wilson by unleashing multiple power punches in the first round that left him clinging to the canvas.  Unable to fully recover from the knockdown, Wilson then suffered over 29 brutal body shots in the second round before the referee forced a stoppage.  Daranyi defeated Wilson by second round technical knockout.

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