Have Showtime pushed the fans a step too far with this latest fight?

For a premium network television format, customers expect a premium product. Simple.

If you buy a luxury car for $100,000, you don’t expect to receive the drive of a $10,000 car; if you buy that high end watch you’ve been eye-balling for the past fifteen years through the same jeweller’s window, you don’t expect it to act like a Casio when you buy it; the same goes for an expensive bottle of Cristal, you take that first sip and better hope it doesn’t taste like a standard Moet.

For all the above, it just wouldn’t be expected or accepted.

So why when greeted with announcements of way below average 50-50 fights on a premium network cable service, do people not take a stand?

2014 has been a special year for Showtime and it’s fans, because by and large it’s highlighted to nearly all of them just how bad matchmaking and televised boxing can be.

With the latest announcement of former two-time world champion “Bad” Chad Dawson taking on no hoper Tommy Karpency on the network cable television station – surely this is as bad as it gets?

During 2014 Showtime has aired the following mismatches: Danny Garcia-Rod Salka, Lamont Peterson-Edgar Santana, Daniel Jacobs-Jarrod Fletcher, Leo Santa Cruz-Manuel Roman, Miguel Vasquez-Mickey Bey Jr, Andre Berto-Steve Upsher and Peter Quillin-Lukas Konecny.

There are probably more mismatches during their ShoBox series which I can’t quite muster up the energy to research this morning as I already feel Showtime are indebted to me for my time – rest assured I’m keeping a tab.

It has left fans with a very bad taste in their mouth when the company is mentioned. Don’t get me wrong they have aired some great fights in 2014, Robert Guerrero-Yoshihiro Kamegai and Adonis Stevenson-Andrzej Fonfara to name a few, but it’s the bad fights and cluster of terrible mismatches on the same cards which has left the most lasting impression on boxing fans.

A terrible under card to Floyd Mayweather’s rematch with Marcos Maidana a couple of weekend’s ago contained Vasquez-Bey Jr and Santa Cruz-Roman; this left fans completely underwhelmed and quite honestly sleepy by the time the main event started – probably why they started the whole card an hour earlier.

They need to get the quality of their fights back to where it needs to be. Their company brand name is suffering and the boxing fraternity can be quite unforgiving.


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