frank warren
frank warren

Billy Joe Saunders has slammed Brighton Baby Chris Eubank Jnr. for failing to show up to yet another head-to-head press conference today to promote their Saturday 29th November showdown at the ExCeL London.


The Hatfield star, who had travelled from his training camp in Marbella with trainer Jimmy Tibbs, was stood up for the third time in a row by the seaside keyboard warrior who was replaced on the top table with a cardboard cutout.

Chris Eubank Snr’s reason for not letting his son not attend the press conference was because he claimed the security provided by promoter Frank Warren was not adequate for the safety of his son, following comments that Saunders would “slap” Eubank Jnr.

Mr. Warren had provided four approved SIA badged security personnel and also allowed Eubank Snr. to bring three of his own personal security guards at the press conference to protect Eubank Jnr.

And in addition, Mr. Warren also offered to install a barrier to divide the top table and keep the rival middleweights separated.

Despite these above standard measures and a letter from Robert Smith, General Secretary of the British Boxing Board of Control, saying that he was satisfied with the security arrangements and advising Eubank Jnr to fulfil his contractual obligations and attend the press conference, Eubank Snr. still maintained that his son’s safety would be in danger and would not attend.

Saunders, the undefeated British, Commonwealth and European Middleweight Champion, chaired the press conference with Mr. Warren, and later did a BT Sport interview on his own which was intended for both boxers.

Afterwards Saunders said, “I think that the ‘hardman’ of Brighton, who’s brave when he’s punching away behind his keyboard on Twitter, was exposed in front of the media today as ‘bottle job’, when it came to meet me face-to-face,”

“To think, I travelled from Marbella to London, getting up early to make the flight, doing my contracted promotional PR work, going to BT Sport, and then flying home, yet the Brighton Baby couldn’t even attend without his dad holding his hand,”

“He needs to man up, stop playing the hard gangster act, cut his baby reigns and be his own man.  He’s 25 years old and still mollycoddled by his dad and trainer, its like they still powder him with baby talc at night, pat him for wind and sing a lullaby for him, it’s embarrassing for a grown man who’s supposed to be a fighter,”

“I’m just playing with him, I’m not going to give him a slap at a press conference, why waste my time, if he’s worried about that now he should be a lot more worried when I’ll be punching him on November 29 in front of 20,000 fans, live on TV.  I’ve no interest to do him now, I’ll bide my time and get him in the ring,”

“He’s hiding behind his dad and lawyer and letting them do the fighting for him, I say come out and fight like a man,”

“Once the cotton wool has been unwrapped from him and he’s in that ring all alone, I’ll set about him like a wolf to a new born baby dear, I’ll rip him to shreds.”