After a massive, controversial and at sometimes shocking build up to one of the most anticipated  fights in British history, step forward Billy Joe Saunders, this is your time.

For once, this was a match up which lived up to the pre-match hype, a fight which ticked all the boxes and left all watching completely satisfied with their night of boxing, regardless of the outcome of the main event – strange we know.

In what served as the co feature to the main event Tyson Fury vs. Dereck Chisora, this was the fight that stole the show, this was a real rivalry.

Saunders started quickly, exhibiting a sharp jab and swift movement off the ropes and around the ring which at times left Chris Eubank Jr chasing shadows.

Both fighters were in terrific shape for the contest and a great pace was set throughout the bout. Eubank Jr was crude particularly in the second half of the fight, jumping in with uppercuts but exhibiting a good inside fighting game up close, consistently catching Saunders particularly when up against the ropes.

Saunders to his credit for the most part tried to out man Eubank Jr in the clinch, showing superb head movement in the pocket and evading most of his 25 year old opponents shots.

The cleaner work was coming from Saunders in most of the rounds, what was to sway the judges was the consistently strong work ethic of Eubank Jr, and the connection of some heavy uppercuts. One thing we can take from this evening is that Saunders has a chin that even Chris Eubank Snr would be proud of.

After the final bell rang many ringside acknowledged that Billy Joe Saunders was the deserved winner, but admitted Eubank Jr had lived up to expectation and will definitely come again.

Scores of 115-114 and 115-113 for Saunders gave him the split decision, with Eubank Jr obtaining a sole 116-113 card.


Rematch later in the future? Yes please.