Ryan Doyle (12-1-1, 7KOs) came into the fight hoping to avenge the stoppage defeat that Ian Bailey (13-18-1, 5KOs) subjected him to earlier on in his career.

The English title was on the line, but it meant more than just a title to both men. It meant proving his superiority for Bailey and righting a wrong for Doyle.

The fight began in emphatic style with Doyle scoring a flash knockdown with a left hook. Bailey recovered well after the knockdown and fought back throughout the round.

The second round turned into a war with both men trading hooks to the body in the centre of the ring. Doyle came out on top in every exchange and started to land some very hurtful shots to both the head and body.

An overhand right at the start of the third wobbled Bailey but he did remarkably to recover through out the round. Both men had purple patches in the round, but again Doyle won the exchanges.

The fourth round began with Doyle controlling the pace until he landed a huge right hand, wobbling Bailey yet again. Bailey responded with some big shots of his own, but it wasn’t enough to win him the round. 40-35 to Doyle on my scorecard.

The fifth produced a more even round despite Doyle being cut under the left eye. Bailey looked impressive in parts of the session but overall Doyle was again producing the more eye catching work.

Doyle’s right hand landed in the sixth and seventh round but Bailey wouldn’t take a backwards step. His come forward style looked effective in parts but he was being countered too easily. Again the rounds ignited towards the end, with both men landing hurtful shots.

Doyle’s jab began to establish itself in the eight and ninth rounds, and when Bailey closed the gap he looked good on the inside as well. Bailey kept coming forward but to little avail.

Bailey desperately looked for the stoppage in the tenth and final round, and Doyle responded by tying his opponent up to slow down his work. Blood streamed across Bailey’s face as he steamed forward but with limited success.

The immediate aftermath of the fight said it all, as Doyle celebrated wildly whilst Bailey trudged back to his corner looking defeated. The scorecards confirmed the result, Doyle winning a unanimous decision 99-90, 97-93 and 98-91. Both men deserve credit for what was an enthralling war.

The penultimate fight of the night saw hot prospect Ben Sheedy (3-1, 1KO) face Ben Heap (0-4, 0KOs) over four rounds at middleweight. After Sheedy’s dominant display last time out at the Phones 4 U Arena in Manchester, he looked to impress again as the night drew to a close.

Sheedy looked in control thoroughout and picked his shots very well. He controlled the range with his jab and the result never looked in doubt. Despite numerous onslaughts in every round, Heap survived and took the fight to the scorecard. Sheedy completed a shut out victory, winning 40-36.

Martyn Grainger (10-10, 4KOs) and Reinis Porosovs (5-8-1, 3KOs) then faced off at Cruiserweight. Grainger controlled the contest and came out on top on points after four rounds.

Ex-Olympian Joe Murray (17-2, 7KOs) continued his comeback trail with a dominant points victory over Ibrar Riyaz (4-102-4, 2KOs). The scorecard read 60-55, with Murray dominating the majority of the fight.

Cruiserweight Charlie Schofield (6-0, 0KOs) faced Mitch Mitchell (6-49, 2KOs) next over four rounds. The Mancunian controlled spells of the fight, winning 39-38 on the scorecard.

Debutant John Telford (now 1-0, 0KOs) look comfortable on his way to defeating Lewis Van Poetsch (4-43, 0KOs) on the scorecard 40-36 after four rounds.

Rick Godding (23-1-1, 3KOs) against Kevin McCauley (11-121-8, 0KOs) at super-welterweight was the next fight of the night contested over four rounds. Godding looked impressive as he cruised to a 40-36 points victory.

The fifth fight of the night saw Artif Ali (9-1, 0KOs) defeat the experienced Youssef Al Hamidi (13-93-3, 1KO) on the scorecard 40-36.

Jack Flatley (5-0, 1KO) comfortably defeated Robert Studzinski (3-29, 2KOs) 39-37 over four rounds in the fourth fight of the night.

Liverpudlian Jay Farrell (2-0, 1KO) then fought Latvian Florians Strupits (3-36-3, 2KOs) over four rounds at cruiserweight, with Farrell scoring a comfortable stoppage victory in the second session.

The second fight was a contender for ‘fight of the night’ between Warren Tansey (10-1-2, 3KOs) and Sonny Whiting (2-9-2, 1KO). Both men took some heavy shots throughout the even six round contest, and that became evident when the result was announced as 58-58.

The night began with Kallum De’ath (10-1, 1KO) facing the experienced Quasim Hussain (3-61-2, 0KOs) over four rounds, with De’ath winning the contest 40-35 on points.

By Luke Madeira, follow Luke on Twitter @lukemadeira15

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