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Tyson Fury’s trainer and uncle Peter claims the British press are only interested in supporting losers and are tainting boxing, two weeks after Tyson defeated Wladimir Klitschko in Germany to win the WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight titles.

There has been plenty of media interest surrounding the camp since Tyson’s big win and Fury insists that the new heavyweight champion will only be truly appreciated when he retires from boxing.

Fury says that journalists that have picked apart Tyson’s achievement will never interview the Manchester giant again and that a lot of his comments have been taken out of context by the tabloids.

“It seems that the British press, not the boxing media, are only interested in supporting losers who are valiant in defeat, rather than an achievement like Tyson’s, who went to Germany and won a unanimous decision against a champion who was deemed unbeatable.

“Yes, Tyson makes controversial comments but they were taken totally out of context. His wife was there when he made them, behind the camera and it was all in jest, he was looking at her when he said them. He’s been branded a bully by some ridiculous people, who will never interview Tyson again.

“Why pick at someone’s achievement? The world’s in turmoil, with people getting killed, so busy yourself with that instead of focusing on Tyson. We’ve all got thick skin in our team, so these shop-window writers can pick holes all they want, but Tyson will only ever be truly appreciated when he retires.”

Fury confirms that Tyson’s promoter Mick Hennessy is looking at potential venues for his rematch with Wladimir Klitschko for next year, with Wembley and Old Trafford appearing to be the front-runners at the moment.

He also clarified the IBF situation, which has seen Tyson stripped of the belt due to his refusal to fight Vyacheslav Glazkov, the Ukrainian who was installed as the mandatory challenger and now looks set to fight Charles Martin for the vacant title.

Fury also provides Instant Boxing with an update on his son, Hughie, who knocked out Larry Olubamiwo inside a round last weekend in Carshalton. Fury says that Hughie is ready to unleashed properly in 2016 and the rest of the heavyweight division is in for a big shock.

“We will be taking the rematch with Klitschko, with Old Trafford the preferred destination for us. It would be a spectacular event in Manchester, where Tyson was born and bred, although Mick is also looking at Wembley so we’ll have to wait and see.

“Tyson no longer has the IBF title, who have been very poor in dealing with this. They should be happy to have their title on the line in what is a “super-fight”, rather than have two unknown quantities fight for it, which in my opinion means they are totally devaluing their own belt.

“We are contractually obligated to fight Wladimir because of a rematch clause, so it’s bizarre what the IBF are doing. Nobody is interested in a fight between Glazkov and Martin, so why not just wait and let Glazkov take on the winner of the rematch between Tyson and Klitschko.

“Or there is always Hughie, who could fight for it. He’s 21, 18-0 and is an excellent boxer. No one moves like him in the division, except for Tyson. Hughie is developing nicely in the sweet science and the rest of the heavyweight division will be in for a big shock.

“He will be in a meaningful fight in February against a top 10 ranked heavyweight. The opponent will be well paid and we will be moving up to the next level. He’s been overshadowed at the moment by Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte’s clash, which is fine as it’s a good fight, but he’s coming up silently. Just watch in February, as Hughie Fury will take off.”

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