In the same week Manny Pacquiao showed his incredible generosity building a thousand homes for the poor he also managed to show his rank bigotry by grossly insulting homosexuals.

The multi-weight world champion said in an interview Monday on a Philippine TV station

“Do you see animals mating with the same sex? Animals are better because they can distinguish male from female. If men mate with men and women mate with women they are worse than animals”

I had to read that line three times before it really sunk in what he was saying and I was staggered. I am all for free speech but hateful comments like this belong in the past and he has rightly come under heavy fire on social media by gay and straight people.

The ‘born again’ Christian Pacquiao may think he is simply following God’s words but he forgets that he is more than just some boxer, he is an aspiring politician, a philanthropist and decent human. Seeing one of boxing’s ‘good guys’ bring negative headlines to the sport is hugely damaging and adds more fuel to the fire of those who take any opportunity to stick the knife in.

In comparison Tyson Fury’s awful comments seem mild and tolerant, having the heavyweight world champion and now the biggest name in the sport publicly sharing such views is terrible for the game. Imagine Messi and Neymar doing the same, it’s unthinkable.tyson fury

An apology has been made and hopefully a lesson has been learned, I am a huge fan of what he has achieved in the ring lets hope he stops worrying about where people put their genitals and concentrates on Timothy Bradley ahead of their April 9th, PPV bout.

Anthony Joshua has been handed a golden opportunity to win a world title as newly crowned IBF champion Charles Martin will be dusting off his passport and heading to London.

It’s a real coup for promoter Eddie Hearn who is often lambasted for not getting international fighters over to the UK but the ‘champion’ they are bringing over is possibly the weakest belt holder of the 21st century.Eddie-Hearn-Anthony-Joshua

Martin has done nothing, beaten nobody and only has the belt because Kathy Duva and the IBF conspired to strip the real champion Tyson Fury. Joshua has got this opportunity because he brings financial clout, his record is modest to say the least but he can’t be blamed for the various sanctioning bodies rating him so high.

If he is victorious it will be a solid win to add to his fledgling record and fighting a tall southpaw will provide excellent experience, he may leave the ring with the belt but he won’t be the heavyweight champion.