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Apocalyptic movies often feature a band of characters trying to establish a new world order and sense of normalcy after a cataclysmic event. The world divides into two factions, those who would like to see the world go back to the way it was and those that want to usher in a new era.

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have retired, the cataclysm has occurred and a new order has risen out of the ashes.

The leader of the new world has emerged in flame red-haired Saul “Canelo” Alvarez 46-1-1 (32KO’s) to plant himself as the lone pay per view star remaining in the sport. The current world may circle around Canelo at the moment but new suitors stand by to knock the Mexican from his new throne.

Amir Khan 31-3 (19KO’s) has waited in the shadows of Mayweather and Pacquiao, to get a shot at the glory and legacy every fighter desires. Not until their retirement and exit from the sport does Khan get the chance to upend the box office king and hoist his own flag atop the heap. “On Saturday you will see the best of Amir Khan. Canelo is a great champion who is dedicated to the sport of boxing, but it is my time and I’m going to grab it with both hands. It’s been my dream to hold a great fight like this in Las Vegas.” Said Khan during his brief remarks at yesterday’s press conference in the MGM’s Ka theatre.

But is it Khan’s time? Canelo is a -550 favorite to win according to the MGM’s sports books. Not many will tell you publicly that they whole heartedly expect Amir Khan to win this Saturday when the two fighters introduce the new T-Mobile arena to boxing, and for good measure.

Khan has twice been knocked out badly by much smaller fighters, he has been dropped by less harder punchers, and did not look stellar in a close fight with feather fisted Chris Algeri during his last outing almost a year ago. But we all know that, here’s how Khan could win this fight.

Canelo is a flat footed fighter with deceptive hand speed, he has good upper body movement and does subtle things upstairs to make his opponents miss. Khan has speed that is on another level and he can box. Discipline will get Khan the nod; not heart, not guts, not brass balls, and definitely not fighting for the crowd. “I saw it long before I knew him that he had heart but sometimes your heart can mislead you” said Khan Trainer Virgil Hunter today at media roundtables. “To go through what he’s been through and to still be willing to do what he does it says something. He’s fearless, he’s absolutely fearless.”

Khan’s path to victory undoubtedly is laid as “Hit and not get hit”. Pundits and commentators around the globe are analyzing Khans keys to victory to the infinite degree, but they all revolve around Khan hitting and not getting hit. Various degrees of difference easy to spew from the comfort of media row are bandied about in abundance but only Khan will have to stick to a game plan. Virgil Hunter will have his man move in and out with one shot at a time a la Mayweather during his victory over Alvarez and Lara in his close loss.

To expect Amir Khan to stand in front of Alvarez, draw a line in the ring and dare him to cross it is absurd. If you think you’re buying an action fight tomorrow, think again. Amir Khan has a better chance than most give him credit to win on Saturday but it will be with his feet and one punch at a time, staying put to throw anything more than a three punch combination will lead to an early knockout for Alvarez.

Amir Khan could potentially rise as the center of boxing gravity. Out of the ashes a star will rise and no matter who wins on Saturday the winds of boxing will blow towards the challenge of the monster Golovkin, be it Canelo or Khan.

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