After another comprehensive win at 147 pounds Amir Khan took to the post fight ritual of any top ten ranked welterweight and called out Floyd Mayweather. But with Pacquiao seemingly next in line to take up a big ‘Money’ clash with the pound-for-pound king it is looking unlikely for Khan.

For those who don’t think Khan deserves a shot at Floyd and campaign for the Pacquiao fight, you should understand that Khan’s previous two wins have been far more impressive than anything Pacquiao has produced in recent years. For all of the propaganda spouted from the Algeri win we should remember that Algeri was a very fortunate 140 pound champion moving up after nicking a very disputable decision against Provodnikov who had already been beaten by a man that Pacquiao had dominated. What I am saying is that he was a very well chosen opponent.

With that said, will anyone be really surprised if Khan is sidelined once again by Mayweather? Khan dominated Alexander like no one else has done before, his hand speed has not only carried up to 147 pounds but he actually looks like he has gotten quicker! He remained composed throughout the twelve round bout, something Khan fans have been crying out for for years. That’s why my fellow boxing fans Floyd will be going nowhere near Khan – he is very very dangerous.

But even if Mayweather and Pacquiao are potentially out of the question for Khan, I think, he still has some good options for 2015.

Kell Brook – big money fight! Eddie Hearn has already stated that he will pay Khan £5million and the fight will be hosted in Wembley Stadium which is an offer that is hard to resist if the Mayweather fight doesn’t happen. I personally think that it is the biggest fight out there for Khan outside of Mayweather and also one of the easier fights. I don’t believe Brook would cause Khan many problems as his lack of ambition to force the pace of a fight would likely see him lose a lopsided decision. Most likely to happen next.

Marcos Maidana – the first fight was brilliant, the second could be just as good. Khan is massively improved since the first fight but so to has Maidana and this could be a difficult task for Amir. Maidana will force a fight and is dangerous for every second of every round. I don’t see there being enough value in this fight for Al Haymon to risk matching Khan with somebody who could potentially set his career back a couple of years with one shot. Unlikely to happen next.

Keith Thurman – this fight doesn’t really interest me if I’m honest because I don’t rate Thurman that highly. I think he is technically sound but very limited however, he does have KO power which is always dangerous (especially for Khan) although I don’t think Khan is as vulnerable as people assume, especially now that he appears more balanced under Vigil Hunter, he sets his feet better when he throws and is massive at the weight. I’m not saying he now has a granite chin but he doesn’t seem as fragile as earlier on in his career. Another risky fight for Khan with little reward – can’t see this one happening in 2015.

Tim Bradley – this is a fight I’d love to see. It’s also one I think Khan would struggle with. Ever since the fight was touted years back at 140 pounds I’ve thought that Bradley was all wrong for Khan. He’s very underrated: he would be brash and reckless, coming forwards with his head low throwing wide shots and could look to emulate the style which undone Khan when he lost a decision to Lamont Peterson back in 2011. Golden Boy and Top Rank politics may get in the way of this one happening next but it would definitely be a great fight.

Danny Garcia – another rematch and another fight I’d love to see. Garcia’s career has stagnated since a career best win over Lucas Matthysse with very poorly matched opposition in his last couple of bouts while Khan has been building progressively in to a 147 pound fighter. You would have to say the momentum is with Khan as the fight would have to happen at 147 pounds but Garcia could hold a psychological advantage from the KO win he has over Khan. Both are Golden Boy and Al Haymon fighters so it should be easy to make however, with the twelve months that Danny Garcia has had I really doubt that his first fight at welterweight will be against anyone as dangerous as Khan. Don’t see this one happening next.

So, really it comes down to the best business versus the best battle.

Khan v Brook certainly makes business sense, but from a fans point of view, I think the most entertaining fight for Khan has got to be Bradley or Maidana.