Mike Alvarado (33-3, 23KO) has been charged with weapon possession less than two weeks away from his third fight with Brandon Rios. Initial thoughts were that the fight would become unhinged but reports from Alvarado’s manager Henry Delgado thinks otherwise, as evidenced by the following quote from him. “There’s no problem with the fight. As long as he’s out. And he’s been bailed out. The fight’s only in a few weeks. I don’t see that being a problem.” It remains to be seen if the resolution is as simple as Delgado thinks it is. You can all but assume that the looming legal issues will undoubtedly have an effect on Alvarado, how much so remains to be seen. I’m positive that when asked if he thinks the pending case will be a distraction he will boldly answer no. However, the history of boxing is filled with boxers of all levels performing uncharacteristically poorly when potential jail time is in the equation. Simply put, boxing and jail time doesn’t mix, ever.

Alvarado’s career has been a bit unpredictable to say the least. He started his professional career with a blazing 33-0 (23 KO) record, even nabbing a win against the ultra seasoned veteran Mauricio Herrera in the process. The majority of Alvarado’s wins have come by generally out muscling and out punching his opponent. However this same approach has also been the result of 2 of his 3 career losses. (The Marquez fight was an absolute mismatch that never should have been made in the first place.) Moreover, the first loss to Brandon Rios honestly could have gone either way. The way the two fighters were giving and taking it was simply a matter of time before one’s body could no longer absorb punishment. That night Alvarado’s body gave out first. Alvarado was able to redeem himself in the rematch as used his boxing skills to take a “brutal” UD win. His win would be short lived after running into the human buzz saw by the name of Ruslan Provodnikov. Provodnikov was able to do something that no other fighter had been able to do to Alvarado, make him quit on himself. Frankly speaking that was the best decision team Alvarado could have made that night, as his corner told him “there’s nothing left.” They were correct. Alvarado had no more to offer. After losing his last two fights in a row he looks to get back in the win column. On January 24th will he be fighting two opponents? Brandon Rios and a gun charge? We will surely have found out by the end of the night.