Mayhem by definition: violent or damaging disorder; chaos a fitting name to the rematch between Floyd Money Mayweather and Marcos Chino Maidana considering their first fight was full of action and changes in momentum and enough drama to keep you hanging on the edge of your seat not wanting to miss a moment. The rematch was built on that same drama in a promise that the second fight would be as good as the first, the only problem is that Mayweather was better than in the first while Maidana was not.

Whatever you favor be it an all action slugfest or the defensive wizardry of the sweet sciences mantra hit and not get hit Mayweather delivered in both fights with Marcos Maidana. Mayweather adds to the history of his legend with another dominant performace in a fight the entire world knew was happening just like all of his fights and when the public knows your fighting, watches, and sees a fighter be dominant they are inclined to remember them and their undefeated record only further cementing Floyd Mayweather’s current and future status as an all time great.

No matter the personal opinion about Money Mayweather and there are plenty to go around, one only needs to search his name and both positive and negative are plentiful, Mayweather is still undefeated and still a lock for the hall of fame. I was encouraged to see Mayweather come to the ring without the live music, silly celebrities in his entourage and just walk to the ring like he did when I watched him defeat Genaro Hernandez to win his first title. My instant reaction was Mayweather didn’t come to play around he meant business. Like a surgeon he was precise with his punches and fluid with his movement to outbox and frustrate Maidana in what essentially was a boxing clinic.

Marcos Maidana and his trainer Robert Garcia had promised through the build up that Chino would be even more aggressive and find ways to be more effective against the 37 year old champion, instead Maidana chose to box in the center of the ring playing right into Mayweather’s wheelhouse and allowing him to tee off with laser precise right hands. Maidana’s aggression in the first fight is what ultimately got him the rematch in the second fight to see him trying to counter and jab in the center of the ring instantly identified the direction of the fight.

The three judges at ringside scored the fight 116-111 twice and 115-112 all for Mayweather I personally had it 118-109.

“I think the difference was I didn’t stay on the ropes and I did a lot of movement and turning,” Mayweather said after the fight. During the 8th round while Mayweather and Maidana were clinched Maidana’s head was held down by Mayweather when Mayweather jumped away claiming Maidana had bit his fingers through the glove and shouted “He bit me!”. Through a translator Maidana said “Maybe he thinks I’m a dog, but I never bit him”.

There is one fight the public wants to see happen and Mayweather only has two fights left on his contract with Showtime but it’s highly unlikely a Mayweather vs. Paquiao matchup will ever get made. Some names that make sense could also be dangerous ventures for Mayweather who continues to defy conventional age by not slowing down yet at 37 years. Amir Khan has been campaigning for a fight with Mayweather for more than a year and stylistically could be a worthy challenge in presenting the speed and boxing skill set the public hasn’t seen Mayweather face since Zab Judah. Womever Mayweather chooses to fight next the public will criticize the opponent regardless the quality unless it’s Paquiao.

Mayweather can rest easy this week knowing his legacy is intact his unblemished record remains and having the knowledge that there is no amount of mayhem that can topple his mastery of the ring.

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