By: Albert Alvarez

With this being my first time working a PBC fight card, I must say that I was taken a bit back by the presentation and atmosphere of the event. Everything seemed to be so over the top. From the concert stage to the very bright lights, I could see why many of the fight fans that I have talked to who have attended a PBC event in the past, spoke very good about the fight fan experience of it all.
Thing is that the greatest light show in any arena may bring some eyes and some talk, but quality fights and the fighters are the ones that put asses in seats. Will the fights measure up to the very loud presentation? Let’s find out, now on to the action.

Devon Alexander (26-4) vs. Aron Martinez (20-4-1) welterweight division- Martinez made it very difficult for Alexander to work on the inside by infighting and being able to tie Alexander up early and often. The fight was sloppy for most of the clash but Alexander adjusted at times by circling out and throwing fast three piece combination shots.

The pace of the fight seemed to favor Martinez mauling style, Alexander however I felt landed a lot of hooks to the body with both hands. Scores are read and Martinez wins by unanimous decision to pull out the upset.

Lee Selby (22-1 ) vs. Fernando Montiel (54-5-2) IBF FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE – In the first two rounds both fighters came out looking to set the tone on how their fight will be fought. In the 3rd round, Selby came out boxing aggressively and began to dictate the pace by setting Montiel up with clean effective right hands.

Montiel came out to push the issue in the 5th stanza landing a right hook early, but Selby came back strong by ripping Montiel with a stab jab to the pit of the stomach. Montiel may have won the 6th and 7th round, but Selby does a very good job at not fully allowing you to steal the rounds from him. Selby was definitely in a fight but landed the cleaner shots to win unanimously. I scored it 8 to 4 for Selby.

Ivan Redkach (19-1) vs. Erick Martinez (11-3-1) lightweight division- Martinez fought well landing a few left hands but Redkach was too much for him stopping him in the 3rd round with a left hook to the body followed by a right uppercut.
Alexis “Beaver” Santiago (20-3-1) vs. Gustavo Molina (10-9) super bantamweight division- For the first two rounds Santiago circled Molina while peppering his opponent with short right hooks. In the 3rd round, Molina found a home for his over hand right as Beaver fought back with his left cross. The fight was close up until round 7 where in the closing seconds of the round, Beaver hurt Molina and had him wobbly but couldn’t finish him. Final score cards are read 80-72, 79-73, and 78-74 all for Beaver Santiago by unanimous decision.
Lionell Thompson (16-3) vs. Thomas Hanshaw (6-7) cruiserweight division- Thompson came out and jumped on Hanshaw and attacked Hanshaw’s mid section. At about the 2:30 mark of round 2, Thompson hurt and dropped his foe with a perfectly placed right body shot. Hanshaw did not come out of his corner for the 3rd round.
Kevin Newman (4-0-1) vs. Jay Williams (3-8) super middleweight division- Working behind a pawing left jab, Newman would constantly jab then go into a shell and then tag Williams with a stiff straight right. Williams however held his own and had his best round in the 5th stanza by landing a few solid left crosses. Newman wins it unanimously.

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