Oct 7, Mail Bag Q&A with Instantboxing.com


Time for our weekly mailbag to answer the questions our readers have sent to Instantboxing.com.

Q. Does anybody actually want the WBO middleweight title? Come on man Korobov wants to fight, Quillin drops out then Andrade then Saunders and now Andy Lee is in there. Smh – Will, Location: The 303.

A. There are a lot of fighters out there that want the title as well as promoters; however the issue is what centers around most fights that aren’t being made. Money. Andy Lee is a credible fighter no doubt, worthy of a title shot? Not at this time his recent accomplishments just don’t equate to a title shot. With the promoter madness going seemingly unending these are the types of fights and title shots that will undoubtedly be around for the foreseeable future.

Q. Someone explain to me how Jermain Taylor is fighting for a world title this Wednesday? 160 scene has moved on – Gary Location: Portsmouth

A. Because he has name recognition and can be promoted to casual fans that may remember him from his better days, Taylor clearly hasn’t earned a shot at a title. I’m not enjoying this with Taylor I loved watching him fight when he was at his peak; but with the type of injuries and knockouts he suffered I would be happier to remember him for defeating Bernard Hopkins. Taylor hasn’t looked good in his recent outings and was dropped in his victory over Caleb Truax in a fight he din’t look good winning. Soliman is not known as a puncher but at this point in the game for Taylor does it take a big puncher to inflict real damage?

Q. Is the Verdejo knockout, ko of the year so far? – Jay Location: Unknown

A. I believe so that was spectacular

Q. Who ranks higher p4p Bhop or Floyd? – Alex Location: Ontario

A. Current p4p Floyd hands down but legacy wise Bhop’s accomplishments are the stuff of legend, and make for a far better story. Floyd has beaten everyone he’s faced but will likely be most remembered for never facing Pacquiao unfortunately. When the greatest ever lists are written a lot of things go into account and I believe Hopkins has the type of resume that will be written about for years.

Q. I always thought this but shouldn’t rings all be the same size? Some are 22 feet and others 16 feet and it always chose by the home fighter. Its cheating imo. – Tony Location: Leeds

A. Not always it is chosen by the home fighter, depending on where the fight is taking place it could be a requirement by the State Athletic Commission that governs boxing for that area. I agree about a necessity for consistency in ring size, it would make training camps more consistent and increase the action. Unfortunately there is still no state or country that will place a phone booth in the middle of the arena and deem it standard ring size, we can only dream.

Thank you for your questions and remember to submit them for next week’s edition of the weekly mail bag.

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