Macklin vs. Lee & Spike vs. O’Kane on the Same Card is Huge for Irish Boxing!‏

Calvin Kahn

2016 could be the year for domestic wars for Irish fighters, with the amount of potential match-ups currently available.

Paddy Fitzpatrick told Instant Boxing, “Matthew Macklin versus Andy Lee and Spike O’Sullivan versus Eamonn O’Kane on the same card, is an absolute monster of a show in Ireland, tough, fan friendly and TV friendly fights. Whoever comes out on top can face off against each other for another huge show.”

Fitzpatrick believes, Eddie Hearn’s two prospects Ryan Burnett and Jono Carroll will benefit from being on the same card too. “Macklin, Lee, Spike, Eamonn and Jono Carroll in a fight and Burnett in an exciting fight can easily shift 10,000 tickets in any arena. Plus Matchroom can build Burnett and Caroll’s audience base in Ireland. We need competitive fights, I know me and Eamonn are up for it 100%, this card would be ideal in the summer!”

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