Kovalev Defeats Hopkins by UD

I remember in 2001 telling everyone I knew that Felix Trinidad wouldn’t beat Bernard Hopkins. That was before September 11th, I watched Bernard Hopkins beat Felix Trinidad; then deployed to Afghanistan the week after.

I have a deep fan connection to Bernard Hopkins and will make an attempt to remain as unbiased as I can in this analysis.

Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev dominated this fight and began early with a knock down in the first round with a hard right hook over the top that dropped Hopkins. Kovalev boxed smart and cut the ring off well all night long against a Hopkins that was waiting in the wings to set traps for a fighter that just wasn’t available for the bait.

Rounds two through eleven saw Kovalev controlling the distance against a fighter that has been the master of controlling the distance. Kovalev proved himself to be every bit of the hype winning on scores of 120-107 twice and 120-106, he literally beat Bernard Hopkins into a state of humility never seen by Hopkins in a post fight interview since his win over Oscar De La Hoya when he gave him credit for being a crafty fighter.

During the post fight interview Kovalev gave credit to his opponent saying “if he fights Adonis (Stevenson) he will win. When asked if he was going for the knock out Kovalev replied “No I know I’m not going to knock him out.”

Bernard Hopkins hinted at retirement saying “right now I’m 50-50”. When asked about Kovalev Bhop said “He fought a great technical fight, he was good with his mechanics and he did what he was supposed to.” Bernard was gracious following his defeat saying that Kovalev fought a good fight and that he “will be around for a long time.”

For the last 15 years I have watched every Bernard Hopkins fight either on live tv or on tape (yes actual tape for you youngsters). I am proud of the humility and sportsmanship that Bernard the Alien Hopkins showed at the end of this fight and if he were to retire, he would enter the legendary status of the greats before him.

Never in history has a fighter been able to accomplish the feats that the executioner, or the alien been able to. Age, father time truly owed Bernard Hopkins one but tonight father time told BHOP that the debts been paid.


In the Co Main Event Sadam Ali stopped Luis Abregu in the 9th round in a fight that he dominated dropping Abregu in the sixth and ninth.

Ali looked sharp and crisp and landed more than Abregu throughout the contest in a surprise to many that believed Ali had bitten off more than he could chew early in his career.