Khattab ready for tougher challenges

Abdul Khattab (8-0, 3 KOs) believes he is ready for tougher challenges. However the 21 year-old must first get past Laurent Ferra (16-17-4, 4 KOs) when the pair meet at the Nordic Fight Night at the Falconer Hall at the Radisson Blu on Saturday, November 29.

Eight fights and eight victories are already on Khattab’s CV.

Eight relatively easy tasks for the Danish boxing talent with the Palestinian roots. But there is still much the 21 year-old middleweight must learn and improve upon to fulfil the prophecy of becoming the next Mikkel Kessler.

“I think I have developed a lot this year,’’ said Khattab. ‘’In my first fight as a Sauerland boxer I was tired after three rounds, but it’s no longer like that. I am now better at going the rounds, I have become wiser, technically better and more experienced.’’

Khattab goes toe-to-toe with Ferra on Saturday night in what will be his eight-round contest.

“I don’t think I will have any problems going eight-rounds. Once I‘m used to going eight rounds, then it’s about going ten rounds, and then we can start talking about a youth world title fight. That’s my first big goal.

“I must be patient and continue my development – technically I can easily match the more experienced boxers. It’s just about going more rounds and getting more fights under my belt.

“I want the challenges to get tougher and tougher. That is how it should be, and that is how I like it. It is the only way to develop.”

Tickets for the Nordic Fight Night November 29 at the Falconer Hall are on available