Joseph “JoJo” Diaz Looks to Shine on Canelo vs. Kirkland Undercard

PHOTO: Hogan Photo's/GoldenBoy Promotions

Joseph “JoJo” Diaz 15-0 10KO’s steps back into the ring this Saturday as part of the Canelo vs. Kirkland undercard to take on Giovanni Delgado 15-2 9KO’s.

A future star in the growing stable of fighters at Golden Boy promotions Diaz has separated himself early, looking spectacular at the jump of his pro career. At only 22 years Diaz has already appeared on multiple televised cards and developed a good fan-base in Los Angeles and among the boxing rabid Mexican fans around the continent.

Given the opportunity to speak with Diaz this week, it’s apparent from first glance that he has it. It. The it factor; you know nice smile, charisma, good looks, and most importantly he is well spoken.
From South El Monte, California Diaz was a part of the 2012 U.S. Olympic team that didn’t medal. Diaz, whose skill and talent are suited better for professional style fighting went pro immediately after, under an organization headed by another famous Olympian from the Los Angeles area. Oscar De La Hoya.

Moving along in his development at a torrid pace, fighting eight times in his first year and six in 2014. Diaz is preparing for his second fight of 2015 against Delgado on the grand stage of a big fight on HBO in front of 40,000 fans at Minute Maid Park in Houston TX.

“I truly believe this fight is going to attract a lot of new fans, I want to standout. I want to be a superstar in boxing.” Diaz, who has the right tools could potentially standout in a crowded division that Golden Boy holds many of the weight class’s future big names.

“I make weight the right way, I feel like I’m progressing at 122. I’m still young and I’ve been fighting guys that have a lot of experience.” In his first fifteen fights he’s faced a roster with an accumulated 331 fights going 224-107. I bring this up because not every fighter was the same that Diaz faced, a testament to the match-making ability of Golden Boy. Building a prospect requires facing different fighters with different looks and strengths to accurately gauge the young prospects current and future abilities.

“My goal is to hopefully get the title at 122, but I’d like to go up to 126 eventually. I think I’ll grow into 130, 135, or even 140.” A broad build almost makes it certain that Diaz will advance into heavier weight classes but for now he makes weight comfortably due in large part to his training regimen.
“I do a lot of sprints and cardio but nutrition is the key. I used to eat whatever I wanted and since I’ve been eating right I’m feeling a lot better. Stronger.”

On May 9th Diaz gets the opportunity to showcase his talents on a stage that will propel his name among the top prospects and future champions. In a loaded division without many promotional obstacles, Diaz could punch his way into the hearts and minds of boxing fans for years to come.