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Each week we feature questions submitted via email (gary@instantboxing,com), Twitter: @InstantBoxing and Instagram: @InstantBoxing  by our readers and try and provide answers and inside information on boxing’s current affairs.

Q. Ayal, Location: Arden, IN 

Why is Roy Jones still fighting? Is he looking at getting a title shot?

A. At the moment Roy is fighting predominantly out in Eastern Europe. Since his defeat to Lebedev in 2011, four of his last five fights have been out there. All five of those fights since have resulted in victories for the former pound for pound star; the quality of opposition he is facing however is really poor.

What solace we can all take from this situation is that a 45 year old Jones is earning quite decent money to be fighting in Eastern Europe. He’s not really at much of a physical risk fighting the opponents he has been facing as of late. Obviously we would all like him to retire before he gets injured; but I’d much rather him fight this level of opponent, defending his remotely fringe WBU cruiserweight title than go on to fight a legit cruiserweight contender. That would be dangerous in the current climate in my opinion.

Maybe he is shaping himself up for a final crack at a cruiserweight world title; the businessmen he is associating with and fighting for in Russia hold some quite serious clout and could bring some major money to the table should the right fight present itself.

For now he keeps winning at a certain level, exhibited by his first round technical knockout of Hany Atiyo just last night. Atiyo at time of writing is currently rated 209th in the world after the defeat.

Q. Edd, Location: Unknown

Who should Carl Froch fight next? George Groves is not good enough nor deserves another chance.

A. Froch was holding out for a Las Vegas fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr after his devastating knockout of George Groves at Wembley this year; unfortunately that fight hasn’t materialized and the Chavez camp seem to be making all the wrong noises.

As for who he could fight, the front runner looks to be IBF mandatory challenger James DeGale. It’s a massive step down for Froch after the highs of last May but unless he wants to vacate then its a necessary fight unfortunately.

Personally I’d like to see him fight Golovkin at 168lbs, but that fight won’t be made. GGG is a dangerous customer and Froch has stated he should be avoided at all costs. Froch hasn’t ducked anyone right throughout his career and I don’t think he would now. He needs to be commended for that warrior mentality but it’s very much high risk, low reward.

I expect we will see the DeGale fight then a third installment of Mikkel Kessler.

Q. Jay, Location: Ilford

Why does Frank Warren announce a fight before it is even signed?

A. It’s such a school boy error for such a veteran promoter that I just don’t know the answer to that question. I think he is trying to keep his company current and in the news with the ever growing dominance of Matchroom on the British boxing scene, but unfortunately its back firing.

He has done it before, but the recent debacle with Chris Eubank Jr just staggers belief. Announcing a fight without a contract signed is dangerous. Fans were buying tickets and apparently 12,000 had been sold off the back of the card announcement (how reliable that figure is, I truly doubt it is anywhere near that number).

What it did was gave Chris Eubank Jr and his team a world of power over Warren. They could basically bargain whatever purse they want for the fight now or otherwise pull out and leave Frank red faced and his reputation in tatters to the fans. Shocking really.

Q. Roland, Location: Memphis, Tenn

Has Bhop [Bernard Hopkins] bit off more than he can chew? Kovalev is a monster puncher and at 49 I’m worried about Hopkins being knocked out.

A. In my opinion write “Bhop” off at your own peril. I certainly did in 2008 against Kelly Pavlik and his run since then considering his age has been unbelievable. His dedication to his craft is unprecedented and he certainly knows how to look after himself in and out of the ring.

You’ve got to hit someone to be able to knock them out and Hopkins throughout his 26 year career has never been knocked out. He is a defensive master and seems to be able to mentally drain an opponent in the ring without laying a glove upon them.

What I do need to state is Hopkins needs to be highly commended for taking his fight. At 49 years old and seemingly fearless, he puts the lineal champion at the weight Adonis Stevenson to shame a little here. Stevenson jumped to Showtime to avoid this fight with Kovalev and Hopkins stepped up, when Stevenson even stalled on a potential fight between them two. Real champions fight the best and Hopkins is certainly testament to that.

I’d love to see him beat Kovalev and I’ll certainly be rooting for him on November 8th.

Q. Will, Location: Cardiff, UK

Can any sanctioning body force the fight between Mayweather and Pac? They seem to have so much say in boxing and obviously the promoters don’t want to make the fight.

A. This question is about as old as the chicken and the egg. To answer the question and not get too technical on the whole fight situation; it’s run nearly six years and I don’t have enough time or ligaments in my hand to write why this fight won’t be made.

The answer is no. Realistically the sanctioning bodies have absolutely no way of forcing this to fight happen. Both fighters are currently champions: Mayweather WBC and Pacquiao WBO, which means neither sanctioning body will feature the other in their respective rankings to make that fighter a mandatory for the other. Once you’re a champion in somebody else’s organisation you cannot be a contender in anybody else’s.

The WBC tried to make Pacquiao a mandatory to Mayweather after his win over Brandon Rios in late 2013 but both sides passed up on the opportunity.

The only way this fight happens in the future is if both fighters agree, promoters agree, television broadcasters agree and managers agree. In short, too many stubborn and incoherent variables and too many big egos.

Plus it’s probably six years too late. What does the fight actually mean anymore?

That’s the end of the questions for this week. Remember if you have a question that you wish to be answered, submit it to or Tweet it to @InstantBoxing. I’ll see you next week.

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