Dennis Hobson has made Sheffield’s Adam Etches an offer he shouldn’t be able to refuse.  The promoter is offering Etches a £10,000 purse to face his fighter Lewis Taylor, (pictured) and is promising the winner a belt around their waist.


Taylor and Etches went to the same school and have been on collision course for some time.  Both unbeaten – Etches is 17-0, Taylor has 14 wins and a draw – a clash between the middleweights would be just the kind of competitive, domestic contest that fight-fans have been demanding.

“Tell you what, I’ll offer Adam Etches £10,000 to fight Lewis, and we’ll get some title on the line for it, make it a meaningful fight, a 10 or 12 rounder,” explained Hobson in his boxing column in The Sheffield Star

“Let’s make it happen.  Whoever loses it won’t be the end of their career.  It’s alright being undefeated and beating, with all due respect, sub-standard kids.  How about testing yourself against another undefeated kid who believes they can go to the top too? 

“I’ll offer Adam £10,000 now, that’s not to be sniffed at, and if he wins he goes on to a lot more money.  I believe in Lewis and this would be a meaningful fight on his doorstep, let’s get on a great, local domestic fight!”

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