RICKY HATTON is predicting a bright future for new signing Pauly Upton.

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The unbeaten light-middleweight joined The Hitman’s stable in Hyde, Greater Manchester last month and has quickly settled in, thanks in part to the fact that he’s now training alongside his brothers Sonny and Anthony.
The younger Upton siblings have been under Hatton’s stewardship for some time and have proven themselves to be great prospects. Now Pauly has joined fold, Hatton believes a combination of brotherly love and fierce competitiveness will spur them on to big things.
“All three of the brothers are very talented and I have a real bond with their family so Pauly coming to train with us made a lot of sense,” Ricky explained. “They have a real closeness and encourage each other to do good things in the ring.
“I think the training we do was a little different to what Pauly was used when he first came to us, but he’s come along really well.
“As soon as I saw him I knew there things I could do with him to take him to the next level.
“Both Sonny and Anthony were very good amateurs, but they carried that style with them into the pros. Bit by bit we’ve added to them and they are now boxing like all-round solid professionals and Pauly has all the attributes to do the same.
“He’s very stocky and he’s got big powerful legs, but he’s still a little bit bouncy and fights at 100 miles per hours. The minute he gets used to shifting his body weight he’ll be able to mix that wonderful amateur pedigree with sitting down on his punches.
“He hits very hard so it is incredible that he’s had four wins with no stoppages. It’s not a concern to me, though, because a lot of these journeymen opponents know how to survive. His debut, for example, was against Dee Mitchell which isn’t an easy fight for anyone’s first as a professional.
“I’m sure in this next fight he’ll shine and I’m very excited about seeing the things we’ve been working on being put into practice.”
All three of the Upton brothers (collectively known as ‘The Upton Clan’) return to action on Goodwin Promotions’ eagerly anticipated bill at York Hall, Bethnal Green this Saturday (October 11).

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