Henry Armstrong Foundation and WBC Cares Participate in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade in Los Angeles

Boxing, brutal when at its finest pits man versus man in pugilistic combat with the goal of beating an opponent with a combination of violence, heart, and sheer mental will. Outside of the ring the boxing community cherishes those that have become a part of their journey, the community. Boxing contributes to their societies in an effort to lift every young man and woman to reach their limitless potential.

DSC_2852The Henry Armstrong Foundation alongside the WBC Cares took part in the annual Martin Luther King Jr. day parade in Los Angeles, normally this would be of small note; just another float in a parade but this foundation does so much more than a high school marching band, or the proverbial city council person sitting in the back of a convertible waiving to a crowd that has no idea who they are.

DSC_2887I caught up with foundation president Edward Scott Jr. the grandson of boxing royalty Henry Armstrong who said “The Henry Armstrong Foundation embodies the Henry Armstrong spirit by honoring god, family, the youth, and boxing.” Doing good for others and providing an escape from the lessons of the street in exchange for the lessons in the classroom. The Henry Armstrong foundation serves the community in Los Angeles providing meals for the homeless, scholarships for underprivileged, or a shoulder to lean on when the world pushes you down to a knee.

DSC_3129“Our programs have great stories behind them that carry the legacy of Mr. Armstrong” To quote Henry Armstrong “I had an idea when I was a kid I was going to make it”. The positive power of words emanates from everything the foundation does by pushing a positive message to the youth that combats the victim mentality and negative stereo types of young black men from the inner city.

The WBC Cares program and chairperson Jill Diamond was on hand during the parade today as a symbol of the WBC’s dedication to better the lives of the less fortunate through the sport of boxing and to honor the late Jose Sulaiman. With a ring at the forefront of the float with Olympic gold medalist and former cruiserweight and heavyweight contender Henry Tillman; marching alongside the float were former champion and hall of famer Carlos Palomino, Gabriel Ruelas, Mauricio Herrera, El Magnifico Israel Vasquez, prospects Panchito De Vaca, Daniel El Chapulin Valdivia, Joey Ruelas, Victor El Nino Castro, Manuel Roman, Taishan Dong, Charles Martin, and many others.DSC_3392

Nancy Rodriguez of Supreme Boxing was instrumental in organizing everything and bringing a positive vibe that had everyone smiling and shaking hands with the spectators on the street.

Martin Luther King’s famous I have a dream speech has resonated throughout the years, today was a day to celebrate the man that said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.” Through the Henry Armstrong Foundation, WBC Cares, and the tireless work of everyone in the boxing community to better the next generation that dream is still alive. DSC_3269

For more information on how you can contribute to the Henry Armstrong Foundation visit http://www.henryarmstrongfoundation.org/home.html