Credit: Hogan Photos

This morning, Groupe Yvon Michel Inc. (GYM) filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Quebec for damages against David Lemieux, Eye of The Tiger Management, Camille Estephan, Golden Boy Promotions and Home Box Office (HBO). GYM claims that it has suffered damages of $1,350,000.00 as a result of tortuous conduct and bad faith actions by the Defendants.


Lemieux had been under contract with GYM since 2007. Since the beginning of its promotion of Lemieux’s career, GYM has always acted in Lemieux’s best interest, and oversaw his development at every level, turning him into a top contender in the Middleweight Division, and a financially viable professional boxer and gate attraction. .


The lawsuit alleges that Estephan (Eye of the Tiger Management) made a deal with GYM to modify a long term agreement and then fraudulently misrepresented the terms and abused GYM’s trust and good faith by promising to continue their long-term association with GYM while attempting to orchestrate Lemieux’s release. GYM relied on the representations of Estephan and continued to promote and enhance the value of Lemieux’s reputation and posturing him and Estephan into a position to reap the benefits of a world championship fight for Lemieux without the involvement of GYM.


Golden Boy Promotion and Home Box Office (HBO) are alleged to have been complicit with Estephan, and have wrongfully conspired to remove GYM as Lemieux’s promoter and to wrongfully profit from these wrongs at the expense of GYM.


GYM, represented by the law firm, Savonitto & Ass. Inc., has determined that, under the aforementioned circumstances, that they would sue to enforce its rights under the contract between GYM and David Lemieux and to take all legal measures necessary to do so.