Credit: Hogan Photos

MONTREAL (January 19, 2015) — Following the announcement by Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM) about David Lemieux’s leaving Groupe Yvon Michel (GYM), as well as numerous interviews given by EOTTM president Camille Estephan, and the most recent announcement by Golden Boy Promotions about its signing of Mr. Lemieux. GYM wishes to set the record straight, David Lemieux is still under contract with GYM, and has been since December 2011. Since becoming involved in his career, GYM has ensured David Lemieux’s best interests were protected; whether it involved training, development, the garnering of prestigious and lucrative fights, or just insuring what was best for him financially.

The contract executed in 2011 was renewed, extended and is still in effect. Subject to certain specific modifications, said renewals/extensions were negotiated, accepted and implemented by David Lemieux’s manager, Mr. Camille Estephan (EOTTM), who it appears is now attempting to elude his obligations.

At the very moment that the development and maturation process of David Lemieux reached the point where he became qualified and positioned for major fights, and was in line for a major world championship fight, Camille Estephan advised Yvon Michel (GYM), on January 6, 2015, that David Lemieux was unilaterally  “leaving GYM”, without giving any valid reasons or justifications.

This announcement by Camille Estephan that David Lemieux is trying to leave GYM (and sign with Golden Boy) is very disappointing and surprising considering that: David Lemieux is still under contract with GYM; David Lemieux or Camille Estephan never expressed any dissatisfaction, all along, with regards to the promotion of Mr. Lemieux’s career by GYM; Camille Estephan and David Lemieux are breaching their obligations with regards to their agreement with GYM; Golden Boy Promotions would become involved with David Lemieux while he is still under contract to GYM

Since the beginning of his career, 8 years ago, GYM has made a major investment in the development, classification and promotion of its’ boxer, David Lemieux is trying to leave GYM at the very moment he is in position for a major world championship fight.

These are the facts, and this is not acceptable to, and will not be tolerated by GYM.

In light of the foregoing, GYM will do everything it can legally to have its rights respected and protected with regards to its contractual interests in David Lemieux