The Light Heavyweight division has produced some great names over the years. Billy Conn, Joey Maxim and least we forget to the present day – the ageless Bernard Hopkins. I give you my top five 175 pound men and why I think they deserve their recognition from the boxing fraternity.

5. Tommy Loughran (90-25-10, 14 KO’s)

My number five was a hard choice with names like Roy Jones Jr, Michael Spinks and the legendary Sam Langford to pick from. I went for Tommy Loughran  because he was a master boxer with some big wins on his record. Harry Greb, Georges Carpentier, Jim Braddock and Young Stribling to name a few. The quick footed “Phantom of Philly” was inducted into the International Hall of Fame in 1991 and finished his career with a huge 90 wins.

4. Bob Foster (56-8-1, 46 KO’s)

“The Deputy Sheriff” Bob Foster won the title by beating Hall of Famer Dick Tiger with a thunderous left hook. Foster had an underrated jab which as it happens was one of his best weapons in setting up his opponents for combinations.

3. Gene Tunney (65-1-1, 48 KO’s)

Known as ‘The Fighting Marine”  Gene Tunney was not only Light Heavyweight champion of the world but the former Heavyweight champion as well. Tunney’s only loss was to the great Harry Greb which he avenged four times over. Tunney and that murderous right hand of his retired with a superb record.

2. Archie Moore (185-23-10, 131 KO’s)

The Brilliant Archie Moore holds the record for the most knockouts in the history of the sport. He fought with the cross arms style defence and he had the gift of delivering perfectly timed punches with his superb jab and right hand. “The Old Mongoose” retired with an incredible 131 Knockouts in a 200 + fight career.

1. Ezzard Charles (93-25-1, 52 KO’s)

The great Ezzard Charles like Tunney was Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight champion of the world. With such names as Archie Moore, Jimmy Bivens and Elmer Ray on the win side of his record it is hard not to have Charles at number one. His footwork was excellent which enabled him to fight at a distance. When he boxed on the inside he would hurt his opponents using vicious body shots and uppercuts. “The Cincinnati Cobra” Ezzard Charles is without doubt the Greatest Light Heavyweight of all time.

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