GGG KO’s Rubio in the 2nd: Walters Stops Donaire in the 6th

“GGG” Gennady Golovkin knocked out Marco Antonio Rubio in the second round of a showcase to southern California fight fans that have been clamoring for GGG to come to the west coast. The Stubhub center was sold out with a record crowd that saw the famed arena add standing room and bleacher seating to accommodate the demand for tickets. The Public Relations campaign for the fight dubbed Mexican Style was tremendous in southern California and the sizable crowd showed that the boxing fans come out in force for good matchups and loaded cards.

Rubio was unable to make weight tipping the scale at 161.8 losing his WBC interim title and unable to earn Golovkins belts. The extra 1.8 pounds didn’t mean much because Golovkin was too much for the Mexican fighter landing a big left hook that put Rubio on the canvas. Referee Jack Reiss counted out Rubio ending the fight at 1:19 in the second round.

GGG is creating a buzz and fan base that is building momentum of the like boxing hasn’t seen in years, becoming must see tv. “I like fighting, I don’t like dancing this is fight.” Golovkin called out Cotto “I think first Miguel Cotto, I respect him he’s great champion.” Then Canelo Alvarez and Chavez Jr.“Of course he’s good boy (Canelo) and Chavez too.”

Golovkin played to the predominantly Mexican American crowd by speaking Spanish in the post fight interview further enhancing his adoration by the Mexican fans. As of now I don’t see a downside for GGG in California, the Stubhub Center and all of its heraldry and history of hosting great fights is simply too small for GGG. The Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles will have to host the next GGG fight on the west coast and undoubtedly with the performance put on tonight GGG will sell it out with his big drama show.

The Axe Man Nicholas Walters knocked out Nonito Donaire at the end of sixth round in a fight that showed Donaire flashing power almost dropping Walters with a big left hook that wobbled Walters; and almost dropped him to end the second. Walters shook off the punch and came out in the third with a stiff jab that set up his big right hand. Walters landed a right uppercut that dropped Donaire in the third for the first time in his career. The raucous crowd at the Stubhub Center could smell the blood in the air and Walters began to dominate the fight setting up powers shots with the jab through the fourth and fifth rounds.

Walters continued his success through rounds four and five landing the jab and opening cuts on both of Donaires eyes until landing a right hand over the top to drop Donaire at the end of the sixth round. Donaire could not beat the count ending the fight. During the postfight interview Walters said “it’s like fish you give him the bait and he came right in to me.” Donaire hinted at dropping down in weight “You know I thought I would be good in this weight class but I’m getting older.” “Were looking at it (moving down in weight)” “I couldn’t handle his size, his power, and his overwhelming aura.”

Both fighters handled themselves with class during the post fight interview in a scene that definitely earned them some fans for displaying the professional dignity the sport of boxing requires from its biggest superstars.