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George Groves is back in 2016,reportedly teaming up with young rising trainer Shane McGuigan.

The link up also allows Groves to rekindle his friendship with former mentor and stablemate David Haye.

Speculation has been rife regarding George Groves career decision, he has trialled a few coaching candidates but has ultimately settled for the Battersea based trainer, son of former World Champion Barry McGuigan.

McGuigan’s methods cater nicely towards George Groves’ abilities, potentially bringing back the original Groves who possessed lightning hand speed and explosive power. Alongside being in a gym of former and current champions notably David Haye and Carl Frampton, the alpha male atmosphere will breed new confidence to the Hammersmith Hitman.

With input from a well-respected member of the boxing community in Barry Mcguigan, the expertise available at hand is nothing short of sensational.

Groves will be back in a gym that has numerous fighters coming in and out, allowing an increase in the quality of sparring, something he had lacked under Fitzpatrick but was in abundance when he was working with Adam Booth. This is important for any fighter hoping to reach elevated heights in boxing as it will provide excellent opportunities for growth for Groves, leading to a renewed attack at the various super middleweight world championships.

Certain trainers see eye-to-eye easier with certain fighters, McGuigan’s training techniques are similar to Adam Booths’ which may allow Groves and McGuigan to click very quickly.

This partnership may give the former triple world title challenger that much needed second wind to boost his performances and land what has eluded him in his career thus far – the world champion status.

Andrea De Luisa has been named as his comeback opponent, in a fight which should be a routine win for Groves; De Luisa has lost to Bute, Rebrasse and N’Diaye in the past.

The choice of limited opponent will permit the new trainer and fighter relationship to iron out flaws and plan for their future, it will also allow Shane McGuigan to understand how George Groves handles making weight, what he is responsive to in camp and what is causing him issues.

Groves is expected to challenge top 10 ranked 168lb opponents after January, with his eyes set on any one of the current world champions, plus major domestic clashes with James DeGale, Martin Murray and Callum Smith may be on the horizon shortly.

The Saint has endured a difficult two years but there is light at the end of the tunnel, the world awaits the return of St George Groves.

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