I am writing this article so in years to come when George Groves is still without a world title he cannot turn around and say no one warned him. No one looked out for him. No one advised him. I hope he reads this article and maybe analyses his team and his surroundings so hopefully one day he can be world champion because he sure as hell had the ability to do so!

I like George Groves he was an exciting fighter with natural power and a very energising ring prowess.

However in recent times the once promising fighter has looked a shadow of his former self ever since he decided to do a Robbie Williams and go solo.
My sources in the boxing business have informed me that the Hammersmith hitman has taken on more than he can bear and it has shown in his recent performances. A few words come to mind….unfocused, drained, lethargic, dissatisfied and demotivated.

Many fighters aim to emulate the greats from the past era’s they want to make a name for themselves. Name me one legend who whilst aiming for greatness has become a boxing manager with two fighters under his stable whilst still trying to fight elite opposition. The answer is none. Why, because to succeed in boxing, many attributes are required two of them focus and analytical ability need to be in abundance, distractions need to be to a minimum.

Look at the current legends Floyd Mayweather has Ellerbe, Pacquiao has Koncz. Groves has himself. Koncz and Ellerbe do all the hustling and bustling for their respective fighters so their boxers can focus on their abilities in the ring rather than outside.

What George Groves is doing right now is something he should only be doing once he has retired from the sport with numerous belts on the mantle piece. The activities he is focusing on now are one of many drivers (others will be discussed in part 2) of his regression in recent fights.

I do not believe Groves is shot, he may be demotivated from selling out 80,000 to fighting on undercards in a 10,000 arena but I believe he has many issues outside the ring which he has to nip in the bud, in order to excel at elite level. I have always hoped he would win a world title and defend it for many years.

However at his current rate of regression, he will struggle to win a world title and even if he somehow manages to do that I do not see George defending his title successfully with his present setup. The setup he has is great for an amateur boxer, he needs an elite setup in order to compete at elite level. PART 2 COMING UP