Gennady GGG Golovkin Defeats Martin Murray by KO in the 11th Round

The big drama show of GGG Genady Golovkin rolled through Monaco and once again, it didn’t disappoint. Golovkin who had an eighteen knockout streak coming into the fight with Englishman Martin Murray extended his impressive run to nineteen consecutive knockouts in a fight that truly was the expected toughest test of Golovkins exciting career.

Murray whose only blemishes on his record were a controversial draw to Felix Sturm and another controversial loss to former champion Sergio Martinez, didn’t come to lose or succumb to the intimidating presence that Golovkin wields in the same manner Mike Tyson used to win fights before they even began.

The first round was somewhat of a feel out round and the slowest of the fight as Murray used good movement and clinching to smother and prevent GGG from getting set and ending the fight early.

Murray got it going in the second and coupled punching well in combination then clinching to win the round and plant a small seed of hope in the mind of everyone watching that GGG isn’t invincible. Until the next round started

Murray came out and landed some good left hooks to the body in the third but to little effect as the big drama show was done rehearsing and about to take center stage as GGG landed a big right hand at the end of the round.

Golovkin came out for the fourth round warmed up and shifted his fighting motor into another gear as the dismantling of Murray began. Golovkin landed a hard right hand to the mid-section of Murray as he was trying to spin out and away that dropped him on a delayed reaction. A hard straight right hand bloodied Murray’s nose in the fifth round as he started to break down.

Good exchanges were featured through to the tenth round but Murray just didn’t have the firepower to put a dent in the now very prevalent and tested chin of Golovkin. At the end of the tenth round Golovkin land a hard overhand right that dropped Murray who beat the count. Golovkin moved in for the kill but a mistake by referee Luis Pabon who mistook the ten second marker for the bell gave Murray a few seconds to recover.

At the start of the eleventh the result of the fight was all but predictable as Murray who was fighting with the heart and grit of a warrior, was clearly breaking down. After another hard right hand Murray went down prompting referee Luis Pabon to jump in and mercifully stop the fight.

Murray represented well and in a middleweight scene without GGG he would pose a serious threat to the rest of the division. But GGG is here in the now and he is clearly the goods.

During the post-fight interview when asked about his strategy coming in to the fight GGG said “I feel great, this is my strategy for first five or six rounds then show you my big drama show”.

When asked about Murray “my plan is my plan, doesn’t matter what he does”

HBO analyst Max Kellerman asked what GGG wants next and he replied “I hope Miguel Cotto, I need unification fight”