The British and Commonwealth welterweight title fight this evening between Frankie Gavin (21-1, 13KO’s) and Bradley Skeete (18-1, 7KO’s) was nothing short of even.

As the final bell rung neither man knew who had won, the crowd and press alike were divided as to who was the winner.

The wry smile of promoter Frank Warren entering the ring may have given the game away however before unanimous scores of 116-112 and 116-113 twice, were read in favour of Frankie Gavin.

Both fighters counter-punched throughout the bout and somewhat stylistically cancelled each other out. Early on, Skeete threw sharp jabs at a consistent rate keeping his opponent honest and offsetting his stance.

Gavin spent the first few rounds gaining his timing and getting inside the massive reach of Skeete, his 6’1 opponent was proving a difficult task in the early stages and caused the British champion to mark up significantly throughout the first few rounds.

A confident head in the corner of Gavin in Tom Chaney kept his charge set with a game plan throughout the contest, never flinching to tell his man how he scored the fight and what he needed to do to finish on top.

Throughout the contest Gavin was warned by referee Phil Edwards for a few low blows and at one stage throwing Skeete to the canvas; Skeete’s corner were in raptures as the welterweight champion escaped without a point being docked.

At the end of the bout, both fighters had scored clean shots and arguably if ever a draw was deserved in a fight, then it was in this one. In the end the judges preferred the more clinical work throughout of Frankie Gavin, and as such the former world amateur champion regained his Commonwealth title as well as defending his British 147lb strap.